Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Paddy's Day or Whack a Snake Day

Well saints and begorra, Happy St Paddy's Day with a wee little wish from us.  We know how to celebrate the day.  Some people have live nativities at their homes during Christmas depicting the story of Jesus' birth.  We had a St Patrick Day live demonstration in our courtyard.   We came home to a snake on our front porch and Roy played the role of St Patrick, but he actually depicted the story of the snakes leaving Ireland more like the Terminator, "hasta la vista baby."  I stood by the window and screamed every time Roy took a whack at the snake.  I do have the gift of encouragement.  Once the snake was dead, I mean led away from the green isle, Roy wanted to symbolize the leaving of the snake by throwing it in our trash can. Nah I said, throw it over the fence and let one of these hawks swoop down and have take out dinner for the bird fam tonight.  Roy would like me to add that he was biblically correct in how he killed the snake, he crushed its head.  To tell you the truth, I was keeping my heels covered lest Satan Snake tried to depict the scene from the Garden of Eden.  I texted Peggy and said the for sale sign is in the yard, Joseph is buried upside down in the back yard and I'm pulling out boxes.  She called and said welcome to the burbs.  She asked me to describe the snake and she thinks it was a water moccasin that came out from the pond, lake or body of water our home is next to. 

Once the snake situation was in hand or foot...Roy left to pick up a gardening wagon that we bought last night from the Tractor Supply store.  We outsourced the assembly of the wagon because one DIY project a week is enough for us.  I asked that he inquire at those most learned people of the earth how to repel snakes.  Moth balls.  So, if you come to our home and stand at our front door and think, why their front door smells like Aunt Bertha's cedar chest, you'll know that we have your total and complete safety in mind. 

Why does the theme from Green Acres keep playing through my mind tonight?  On a totally different note, the man who wrote It's a Small World After All died this week.  Now you have two ear worm songs going through your brain and when you wake up around 3:00 am, it will still be playing in your mind. 

Until the snake incident, today was really such a lovely day.  Roy and I went out for breakfast and then we headed out to see some bluebonnets.  We didn't do the usual Navasota/Chapel Hill route but we did the Sealy to Industry to Round Top route back home through New Ulm, past the huge facility that Roy's company is building off 36 in Sealy, stop at Brookwood for a citrus tree and a late lunch at Dekker's.  Roy got some awesome pictures in the Industry area.  We stopped and looked around in Fayettville and did some shopping in Round Top.  Of course we brought home some pie from Royer's too.  Roy hasn't downloaded his pictures yet, but when he does I will post some on the blog.  We even filled Sequisha with some $3.65 gas.  I really, really want to love Dekker's but each time we leave there, it has been a disappointing experience.  The weather was perfect for dining on the deck though.  We'll go back and each time I hold hope in my heart that we will leave one day totally loving the place. 

Wonder why no one has The Quiet Man on tonight celebrating the day of the green and the water moccasin snake.  There are only two John Wayne movies that I really love, The Quiet Man and The Horse Soldiers. 

Sadly, I did not take a picture of the dead snake before it flew over the fence and became dinner for the hawk family.  It was close to as an American moment I have ever felt, don't tread on me...

Hopefully, on the first day of spring, which is on Tuesday I think, we won't have any wild spring like happenings as traumatic as our St Paddy Day Snake Whacking Day.  If you have read previously about the problem our doves, well they aren't ours but they eat out of our bird feeder, were having.  Well, I think the location determination problem he was having has been remedied.  Whew!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!


Wils said...

Ha - laughed at the snake antics. You know we don't have ANY of the beasties here in Ireland? (Except for a few "unusual" people who keep them as pets".) There's a joke... not sure how it'll translate.... but it's about what St Patrick said when he was driving the snakes out of Ireland..."youse all right in the back?" Cracks us up anyway ;o)

Paige Bolin said...

I never knew you were such a wilderness kind of gal! Way to kill the snake!!!!

And also.. the guy that wrote Its A Small World died??? On my word! That is tragic!

Paige Bolin said...

I never knew you were such a wilderness kind of gal! Way to kill the snake!!!!

And also.. the guy that wrote Its A Small World died??? On my word! That is tragic!

marty h said...

I am surprised the "It's a small world after all" composer lived this long. I was tempted to take him out many times when we were at Disney World!
Glad Roy killed the snake if it was poisonous but learn the difference between nice grass snakes and yucky poisonous ones. That is the law of the boonies! Haha!