Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Forward Sabbatical Day

Another storm just passed through.  No close lightning and only the distant sound of thunder.  I stayed home this morning from church, not because we didn't spring forward because we did.   Roy went in for his last Sunday of pre-services prayer and his Sunday has been the second one of the month.  The distance, with the rising cost of gas and in April the 9:30 service is moving to 9:15 plays into an earlier morning for him.  I am not math or statistically gifted but I'm not too sure how moving the service up 15 minutes really is going to help the parking situation.  I don't now if it is still the case but when I worked there, most of the Sunday School classes (that's what it was called back then) at the 9:30 time didn't really begin until 10:00.  The move of the 8:20 classes to 8:00 seems to impact mostly senior adults who park in the north lot or in handicap parking.  I just don't see where it is going to clear out that much room.  I know the powers that be have this figured out but it seems moving the 11:00 service to 11:15 along with the 9:30 change would make a bigger difference for parking all the way around.  Yep, that is what I am thinking about on a sabbatical Sunday morning for me. 

With the exception of the ringing in my ears, I love the silence on Sunday mornings.  My spirit is requiring a lot of down time right now.  I think it is a gift from God because daunting, hectic, controlled panic is most probably on down the road.  We will come to a crossroads in a week or so, seeing what my Dad decides to do.  Roy just stopped to check up on him and he said Dad is in hog heaven, getting attention from the nurses, people and his friends.  I think he is really enjoying that aspect of this whole thing and I'm glad that this is making him so happy.  The conversations that we really need to be having with him are deflected each time we try to walk him through situations.  This is the last piece of his life that he really has control over now, but if he procrastinates too much, he might find himself in a position that wouldn't have been any one's choice for him. 

The sun is trying to peek through.  It's going to raise humidity levels but it is so delightful to look upon actual green spaces and not dusty, dead grass.  Looks like the drainage system in our backyard is working really well.  We had a few issues and DW fixed those quickly several months ago.  Really, who would have known because our home was built smack dab in the middle of the drought last year. 

I spent some time in the casita bedroom yesterday vacuuming broken glass and rehanging the shelf that fell earlier this week.  We went to Home Goods and got a little white display piece to put some of the bigger collection of my lambs on.  Maybe that will help a bit.  While we were there we found the perfect full length mirror at a really good price.  Today we will do all the spring forward type things, change the batteries in the smoke detectors, change the air filters and a couple of other things like that.

After nearly 37 years, we finally bought new stainless every day silverware.  We used what I had bought right after college.  We didn't register for any everyday stuff when we were getting married.  Over the years, from time to time, I would think, we really need some new silverware.  I came close to buying some last year at Sur La Table but it was being discontinued and there wasn't enough for very many place settings.  Enter Joss & Main.  They were having a Reed and Barton sale and a particular pattern that I have looked at through the years was being offered and at a really good price.  It came last week.  It is so pretty.  We used it for the first time last night.

Yesterday Roy went wild at HEB.  I love that he loves to grocery shop.  He comes home with some really good things.  In fact, he should do the menu planning because I only think about a few standards and don't deviate too much from that.  I could eat yogurt and cereal for dinner many nights.  He wants something a little more substantial.  So we have the fixings for gumbo and for chili.  He did good.

In fact, Roy just got home.  He's worn out from the dad visit and the weather he had to drive through.  It is feeling like a grill cheese sandwich for lunch kind of day.  Guess I better go look for that pan.   

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