Friday, March 2, 2012

How I Spent Leap Year Day Part 2

When we last left Roy and Nancy, they were trying to leave MDA and get to the assisted independent living place before 5:00.  Roy and the dreadful mini van had finally found release and freedom and he dropped me off at valet parking.  The whole valet process is pretty efficient and it wasn't too long of a wait for Sequisha. Hit the road and I found Roy inside the assisted living home with the director beginning the tour.  What struck me about this particular residence was the genuine warmth between the director and the residents.  The hallways and gathering rooms weren't littered with people immobilize in wheelchairs.  A Leap Day party had just broken up when I arrived.  There was this one lady, with long silver hair and everything about her mannerisms and dress suggested she was 60's flower child.  Her t-shirt had a peace symbol and she had on flip flops.  The rehab looked well equipped and over all the place was very clean.  Roy and the director talked specifics while I took a sit down.  I have a blister on the side of my foot from those blasted sandals.  Once we had finished up there, we mozied in rush hour traffic to my father's house to return his car and check on the house.  Then we headed toward home with a stop for dinner and then taking Roy to pick up his car at the Park and Ride lot.  I came on home and crashed.  Roy wanted to stop at the grocery store for a few things.  So glad Leap Year comes only every four years.  I don't think I could take too many more of these kind of extra days.

My dad is still in the hospital.  He was supposed to have had a MRI at 3:00 am but there is a back up.  The Doctor told him he has probably had a mini stroke and that has caused his difficulty with his legs and walking.  They took him off the medicine that caused the hallucinations.  I just got off the phone with him.  He seemed to be in good spirits but he is tired of the waiting.  I would be too.  Hospital and Doctor time is kind of like the Lord.  Their ways and timing is above our understanding. 

After this week and all it held, I was so happy for yesterday.  I've been looking forward to it for a while.  We had our core group time at Bible study.  It was so good and so fun.  Our excitement level was rather high because of a field trip to Peggy's house for lunch.  It was if we were kids again, knowing a field trip was involved in our day because the energy level and reigning in all of our bunny trails by Gena.  Lunch was fun and everyone enjoyed looking around and playing in Peggy's home.  We even went out to the dock and fed the fish.  I came home and took a nap, still exhausted from the day before and all the lunch fun.  It was good to get the rest because Peggy, Dena and I were going to see Late Night Catechism.  Picked up Peggy and we met Dena at church.  We had a delicious dinner at Vincent's and great seats for the play.  It is an interactive play, so we all had fun with that.  In fact I won a glow in the dark rosary.  After the play we talked with the actress who played the nun and she told Peggy that her questions at the end had challenged her and had her on her toes. They might bring in a new production about Sister and Vegas.  We'll be there!  Dena is thinking about conducting Sunday School, oops I mean Life Bible Study class like the nun.  Think that would be a very fun experience and I have a feeling Peggy and I would be feeling the wrath of a ruler across our knuckles just like in back in the day parochial school. 

That's a wrap.  I am meeting Roy in a bit at the eye doctor and then we will make a trek out to MDA.  I am wearing tennis shoes and looking like a little old lady.  So thankful we don't have to be involved with a mini van today. 

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