Monday, March 26, 2012


This morning as I turned over in bed I had a new and unusual experience to go along with the new mercies that come every morning.  With Roy feeling a little on the puny side, he has gone to bed the past few nights with Tums in his hand.  He does that a lot when he has an upset stomach.  This morning as I turned over I felt something kind of wet and sticky on my arm.  First thought...Buddy must have thrown up or something but it was damp Tums that had either fallen out of Roy's hand or mouth or both.  Nice way to start the day. 

I had an appointment and a lunch date in the land of sugar today.  Before the appointment I dropped in at the Rack to check things out and after lunch I went to Enchanted Forest.  The same people own Enchanted Garden, where I went last week. What a great place and it is a little larger than the garden thus the forest one would suspect.  On the way back I stopped at the mini Buc-ees to get some lime flavored Diet Coke and pay homage.  Got to love Buc-ees, even the mini ones. 

Yesterday afternoon when Roy felt like venturing out, we went to Potbelly's and had lunch.  They have very good salads.  Then just for health reasons, ha ha, we got some frozen yogurt.  When we got home I planted the inpatients I had bought last week.  A snake appearance kind of put a damper on all things flower and garden related but since a week had gone by and we hadn't seen any of the snake family doing a vengeance visit or anything, I've gingerly ventured out. 

Came home to a phone message this afternoon that just might be a life changer- and by that I mean in a good way.  Definitely told her I would pray about it.  For sure if I do this, I'd better brush up on my Bible study and research skills and oh people skills. 

Last night was a total waste.  I got caught up on my Mob Wives episodes. Lots and lots of drama. 

Loved this from Will Smith on Twitter, "I'd much rather have an enemy who can admit that they hate me, than to have a "friend" whose mission is to put me down secretly."  Will Smith is a prolific and profound Twitter-er.

Still feasting on all I heard at Abundance this weekend. 

Well, since I told Roy I would fix dinner tonight, I guess I'd better get to figuring out just what we might have.

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