Thursday, March 15, 2012

Continued Gardening and Other Sundry Things

It's an overcast morning on the prairie.  The sun keeps battling the clouds and it should eventually win the struggle.  I am out early repotting plants and working on the yard.  Abel should be here today to cut the grass, hope so anyway.  Of course now I am in getting a broom from inside the house and taking a little break to give the ol' back a rest. 

Yesterday, was a full but tiring day.  I overslept and that put me behind on getting to the Nord.  It is the triple point days.  Even arriving later than I planned, my favorite parking place was open and waiting for Sequisha.  Tackled the make up area first and then meandered into the shoe department, which I hadn't planned on.  It was a good day in the shoe department.  Found some black casual sandals, Naots, with great arch support.  Yes, I long ago crossed over the line to comfort at the expense of style but these shoes are rather stylish.  Also found a cute pair of fit flops, very blingy blue sparkles.  In making up some time from the late start, I really didn't eat breakfast, so I did the early lunch at the Bistro.  The chef special looked so good, crab cakes, green salad, roasted tomatoes and their specialty of a few tempura asparagus, so I ordered it and not the usual crab stack.  Didn't linger too long at lunch to go back out into the store and hit a few depts.  Then I dodged all the cart merchants that litter the center of the mall on each floor to Macy's.  The second floor merchants are not as aggressive or bothersome as the first floor.  Found a few things at Macy's, and score, had a 20% extra coupon.  That's always welcomed. 

Since my comfortable shoes I wore yesterday were killing my feet, I ended my time at The Galleria and headed over to see my dad.  Only, he wasn't anywhere to be found.  I had a hunch that maybe someone had either taken him out to lunch or had taken him home to do a few things.  Left a note on his pillow after traversing the assisted living place.  Once again 610 enticed me with little traffic, well that is until I went over 59 and hit the west loop near the Galleria all the way up to 1-10.  What a mess!  Made a quick stop at the Bunker Hill Lowe's and then headed toward home.  Only I couldn't go home because the maid was at the house.  She doesn't mind me being there, but I'd rather not be around.  So, I stopped at the grocery store and bought stuff that would be OK in the car.  Now at the grocery store I have found my second arch nemesis, the motorized grocery cart.    Paige, this does not include you or your use of one at Target because you're pregnant.  Believe me, I would rather deal with hormones than cranky old people any day of the week.  Just because you can drive a cart does not give the right to running into carts or people or reeving the scooter motor just a bit because others aren't moving fast enough.  These men in the store were horrible in their mad driving skills and attitude. 

After the store I headed over to Fulshear to go to Gaby's.  It is such a cute little shop and has really neat items, including clothing.  They carry Wax Poetic, which is a jewelry line.  Bought a couple of items and then drove by the house to see if there was an all clear.  Nope.  Went to the Spring Green Lake area, found a comfortable bench and read until a little after 5:00 because surely she should be finished.  She wasn't and I am not complaining because she does such a wonderful job.  It's just sometimes, well a lot of time, small talk wears me out.  It's my favorite time right after she's done.  Everything is put up, organized and spotless.  Then Roy and I do our daily living and mess everything up.

In between paragraphs I've outside and back in several times.  Almost everything is watered and repotted.  We need to go back to Lowe's or Home Depot and get a few more pots and plants for the courtyard.  The birds and the wind chimes have serenaded me while working.  They don't quite drown out the mechanical noise that's started back up.  The work in the green space is just about completed by us and the last lot behind us has construction starting.  When it is finished all the lots around us will be completed and work will head northward.  It's time to get cleaned up and maybe run a few errands before returning home and relax by reading a book. 


marty h said...

I bet everything will look so pretty with all your new flowering plants. Check the message I sent you on Facebook yesterday.

Erin said...

I want to see pictures of the yard!

Wils said...

happy St Patrick's day Nancy - still enjoying your blog.