Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Uh, Yea, My Father is Lost, in a Mini Van!

Today started out as an ordinary day.  Woke up to the new mercies, sans wet Tums.  Got cleaned up and went to Le Peep for a late breakfast and then onto an appointment.  After the appointment I headed over to Memorial City to just do a look see at Macy's.  After the walk-through I began heading west...only I had a voice mail from the PA at my father's cardiologist.  He had not made it in for his 9:00 am appointment.  This appointment is right up there with an appointment at MDA for my dad.  He would not miss or forget that appointment.  I headed toward my father's house not knowing if I would find him hurt or dead.  Well it seems that it was neither.  I looked into his garage and his mini van was gone.  So I went in the house and looked around.  I called the nurse, any news?  None, she was going to check their other clinics and I decided to retrace his route to the office in Bellarire.  Nothing...so I went back to his home to leave a note and to gather some phone numbers and try to decide what the next step is.  Word...know your parent's car type and license number.  I'm sure my description of a white mini van, an old white mini van would have been so helpful to the police.  It was a Chevy but that is all I could remember.  Again defeated by the dreaded mini van...  I was getting ready to call the Constable and this noise got my attention...it sounded like someone was coming into the house...and me without my sling shot.  Turned out to be a good thing because it was my dad.  He was kind of shocked to see me in the house and knowing how suspicious he can be about things, he probably thought I was there looking through his stuff.  Well, technically I was, but it was just his address book.  Long story short, he had been to the appointment and he had gone to lunch at Clebuernes Cafeteria because it is chicken dumpling day.  The nurse had messed up in not seeing him but I am so glad she had called because she cared.  I did get some info I needed to know about his health and now I know what kind of dreaded mini van he drives and the license plate number.  Once we got him settled, took care of some stuff on the computer for him and a few other things it was time for me to go.  He can keep you there with the strangest stories and his attention span isn't that long and truth be told, neither is mine.  I was scared for him, maybe he was driving around lost.  Maybe he had been robbed or worse, he had been in an accident and had harmed others as well as himself.  There should be a book to help one through this unknown path.  Who do you call?  When do you call?  Did my hair look goofy enough to be interviewed on TV about my missing father?  I am so thankful for the prayers that were prayed for him and for me today.  Love that Facebook helps so much in that way.  While I was going through the motions of getting things taken care of because I didn't have a clue to what I was doing, it was so good to read the encouraging words from friends.  I was praying and knew I had a lot praying along with me.  Peggy called me at the right time...just when I thought I was going to lose it.  She talked me down and through it.  That's a good friend!  I am thankful for a nurse who cares enough about patients to let family know of any glitches and she gave me some helpful hints.  She is also going to make some suggestions to my dad for him to consider.  He will probably listen to her because he doesn't really listen to me.  We are concerned for his care and his happiness with the situation is secondary.  I keep thinking I will read him John 21 where Jesus tells Peter when you are older you are going to have to go places where you really don't want to go. 

I had told Roy I would fix dinner again tonight.  All bets are off.  He is picking up Chinese food. 


Erin said...

So glad he's okay! Gotta love a man who knows good dumplings :)

courtney said...

scary! glad it had a good ending.