Monday, January 7, 2008

And the Winner Is

The Nordstrom SPA gift card goes to Liz G.

So Liz, long time reader, first time commenter, please send me your info so I can mail you the card. Just comment and I will not post the comment.

Congrats!!! I will be doing another give a way very soon. Keep reading for more info.

If Liz does not respond by Wednesday evening, we will do another drawing.


Ali said...

Ah crumbs, in the time I took to post my entry you picked the winner.

That's what we call the luck of the Irish!

Amanda said...

Nice header, Nancy! Ha ha! Congrats to Liz. Enjoy your spa treatment!

Lauren said...

What?! I missed this! Dangit!

Lisa Pierre said...

Now I know. That's off the chain!

Jessica Martinez said...

Congrats Liz!



Ulovebeth said...

Oh dear Oh dear! How could I have missed this and the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes in the same year?! and it's only Jan 8!!

jsi said...

Lots of fun!

The Sanders House said...

Has anyone heard from Liz G yet?
Lucky girl!