Monday, January 21, 2008

What Just Happened?????

I was hoodwinked today. You know, I felt like I was in an episode of Seinfeld or something. It started simply enough...a message left on my phone before lunch. It was a woman on staff and none of her staff were in the office either. I was dreading making the return call, but did it. And to the best of my ability, I am going to attempt the dialogue that caught me completely by surprise.

Her: __________speaking. Who is speaking?

Me: ______ are you speaking? It is me Nancy Mon speaking.

Her:blah, blah, blah....boring, boring, thinking if this doesn't get interesting in about two more sentences I am so going to daydream.

Me: I am so glad you got the problem solved ( without me getting involved)

Her: See you tomorrow.

Me: OK

And before I could say goodbye... she said it

Her: I love you!

I am telling you we aren't close, we wouldn't be friends outside of the office. I like her and think she's OK. She can get on my nerves and at the same time amuse me. In the few nano seconds of time, I responded without even thinking.

Me: Love you too!

What???? Oh man, I had the opportunity to be funny or just say OK or thank you or something besides love you too. It was an ambush and I wasn't ready. Actually, I think she was so busy with something else she said it by accident. There have been a few times while talking to Jason on the phone and being distracted by so much, have almost said those 3 words out of the habit of saying it to Roy.

So for you______________, I dedicate this song. It is an oldie but goodie from our generation.


Dana said...

I think I know who you think you love.
So what are you so afraid of? Are you afraid of a love that you're not sure of?

Did you decide to yourself you'd hide it to yourself and never talk about it? And didn't you go and shout it when she walked into the room. "I think I love you!"

But Nancy,
Isn't that what life is made of?
Though it worries you to say that you've never felt this way?

Which makes me want to say (to you)
I KNOW I love you!! :)

Yes, I am really weird. I am blaming antibiotics and cough medicine.

Becky Kiser said...

that is hilarious nancy!!! i have accidently said i love you to the wrong person just because i wasn't focused and say it to chris all the time.

Lauren said...

That is hilarious! It is so true that sometimes people say it to you and it comes right out of left field!

I guess you can't go TOO wrong with "I love you," though. At least it's not, "I think you're weird" or "What color underwear are you wearing?" or something that might be more uncomfortable. ("Might" being the operative word here.)

The Sanders House said...

Oh goodness...i can not tell you how many times those 3 words have almost escaped my mouth to someone strange!
by the way..I love you NANCY! (and mean it!!)

Anonymous said...

kudos Nancy.....not daydreaming AND complimenting her on a job well had already "loved"her!!!!

Anonymous said...

Words! Aren't they amazing!!
I laughed when you told me in person and I laughed when I read it.