Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Relaxation

Yep, I know I used this picture in my last post, but this is the robe area in Houston's SPA Nordstrom. And one of those robes is waiting for me this morning. I didn't do this on purpose, but I am so glad that my massage is scheduled at the end of the first week back to work. A soothing foot bath and Liquid Yoga (elixir) awaits beforehand. Before relaxing I am going for a much needed eyebrow and lip grooming. That is done with wax, so you know the end result is good, but the journey to getting the good result is painful. Jennifer went to SPA Nordstrom a week ago, a lovely anniversary surprise given to her by her hubby. Happy 6 year anniversary. She can testify, if ya need some encouragement to sign up for the next drawing, how awesome and lovely the Nord SPA experience is. Leave your name in comments on the Relaxation post. Firstly, I am an ambassador for Christ and secondly an ambassador for Nordstrom's.

The recreation ministry and First Place have created something to help up with our New Year resolutions to loose weight. Now you know, I did not make that resolution but I am going to participate in Resolve. The program is different than anything I have ever participated in and the huge interest factor for me is this, it sounds fun as we all start the road to healthy lives. We get points for cardio, weight training (my weight is so well trained, it jostles and moves all the time), nutrition and stretching. So, my unasked question yesterday at the Resolve lunch was, do I get points for stretching when I get a massage? Think I know the answer to that, but hey, ya's got to try.

I would like to introduce Jessie Irwin to you. I don't remember how I began reading her blog, maybe Cosmo, but I have enjoyed it tremendously. She has such an inviting talent with words and The Word. This morning, I was blessed by reading this post . If you have time today, check it out. And the thoughts contained there in are so good, her post was a part of my quiet time this morning.

Well, I better get ready. It will take a little longer because I will give much more care and time to shaving my legs. Don't want to be mentioned at the Massage Therapist know it would go like this. Yea, one time my client came in with the worst bout of hairy legs I have ever seen. Took a whole bottle of oil to soften up that hair so I could work the muscles.


Anonymous said...

i read the suggested post and concur with your pronouncement!!!! I have to add though that this must be what brings me back to your post again and again....everytime i rebel..eveytime i say enough of all this....everytime i turn my back..i somehow have to go back to "monablog" for that fragrance....thank you nancy

Anonymous said...

ps...(after thinking) i was debating not going to bible study but now i'm seriously rethinking this and may go JUST FOR THE FRAGRANCE...if that is the only thing that gets me right now i think i've got it down to the only thing!and God has blessed me in that!

Anonymous said...

and i noticed you just posted my post so i know you are blogging You don't need to post this but i do want to tell you that you really do reek of the fragrance without so much as trying...nancy your faith is all over you and you are a joy to watch and read.