Saturday, January 19, 2008

What I Kind of Know Now

Saturday morning reading the paper, drinking coffee that Roy made this morning, enjoying a cinnamon crunch bagel, and Buddy fast asleep. Roy just left to run some errands and I have the morning to myself, just the hum of the dryer for background noise.

What I Know, is a column in a magazine where celebrities, writers and great thinkers reveal what they know up to this point in life. These columns are being published in book form. I read a review of the book. From all reviews, the book looks to be a dud apparently for the reason people whether they be famous or smart or both, really don't know all that much.

So in the spirit of not knowing much, I am going to write about what I know, up to this point. Don't switch to another blog just yet, I am not going to write a dissertation, more specifically what I have been thinking about lately. Hopefully, I will not include any of my fever addled dreams and thoughts. It is more likely I can write much more about what I don't know.


Best Time to Shop at Target

The best time is when it is cold and rainy. We discovered this last night. Roy came home from work earlier than usual on a Friday. In the quest of knowledge for the reason why do old people eat early, we had an early dinner. 5:00 pm is hobble and gobble hour at Sweet Tomatoes. This is what I know about early dinner, not as crowded and a tad quieter. The bigger annoyance that does not compensate for the quieter atmosphere are the lines of indecision by the older set at the food areas, drink station and aisles. Careful maneuvering is required because one false move results in food spillage or broken hips. When we left ST, the temps had fallen even more and the rain a bit more constant. So off to Target where we found an up close, legal, parking place. Hardly anyone was in the store. Navigation of aisles went without a hitch and no check out lines. We were in and out, the only time we lingered was in the pajama area. Jordan and Madi had given me two Target gift cards for Christmas. I used them to buy Nick and Nora pajama capris. They are so cute! I am writing about the N&N, but Jordan and Madi are so cute too. The pajama bottoms are a vintage print of cherries. That means in Houston if what I know from last night is true, buy in bulk the 1 to 2 nights it is cold and rainy in Houston.

Marry a Compassionate Plan Man
Last night we did the Target and The Kroger thing. Lots of stuff to carry in. I had also gone to the Play Grocery store during the day. I got an alarming phone call on my way home and when I got here, I crammed all the cold stuff in the refrigerator to take care of the alarming phone call matter. So last night, plan man is unloading Kroger junk, sees how I left the frig and begins methodically taking everything out to plan and implement a better set up...except that our thermostat on the frig is crazy, so glass bottles shatter from the cold time to time. A glass Diet Coke bottle burst in the midst of his planning. He announces, no one come into the kitchen. Uh, just me and Buddy here, but I guess we were the no ones. Roy totally redid everything without a complaint or why don't you.... Lisa P and I have decided that a plan man and a non plan woman make a great marriage. She is married to a plan man as well. Hmm..maybe I can get Roy to help me with a plan for my sock drawer. It is horrible!

They Shall Know Us By Our Pictures

Have you ever (oops, a little shout out to Inspire. Almost every devo begins with have you ever) noticed that "what we do" there is a photo pose for it. If you are a really cool musician, pose with a mystical look, staring off into the unknown, yet have a hint of knowing in the mystical look. Be photographed in cold weather with barely a coat, or on the beach gazing over the horizon, or in nature preferably in mountains or by a stream.

Inspirational artists seem to be shot in studios, kneeling or looking up with a subdued pose.

New artists and musicians who don't know what to do, just look in the camera. They haven't decided if they are cool or inspirational.

Comedians are no different. I cannot tell you how many fliers I receive in the Ministries office from Christan comedians who have that crazy face look complete with show tune or jazz hands. The looks go on and on, politician on the campaign trail, want to look compassionate, but knowledgeable. Intelligent people are posed in a library or behind a podium or at a whiteboard with math formulas worked out. Some smart men smoke a pipe, smart women pose in business suits and smart groups pose like cool musicians.

Maybe I will write more of what I know now at a later date. I do know that I need to finish up some stuff around here. Dena is bringing Sassy over on Monday night. We are going to see if our cats get along. That way when she travels Sassy can stay here. It looks like Dena will be going to India this year. She brings back the neatest gifts to me. I have asked her not to bring me a neti pot. You can find them at CVS and the Walgreen's. Dena is a refrigerator friend, she has seen our home neat and tidy and dusty and cluttered. So, I am aiming at something between the two.

Yesterday, I got my pedometer working but the first programming I had to do measure my stride length. This is done by walking 10 steps in my normal stride. Then measure the distance from start to end in inches. Calculate the length and then divide by 10. NO ONE TOLD ME MATH WAS INVOLVED. Overwhelmed by math I reverted to my high school ways, I lost interest in the whole thing and I just kind of guessed what it would be. Who knows what distance this pedometer is measuring. Since I have the attention span of a gnat, I am happy to have it working. I am waiting for Plan Man to install the software on the computer.

Don't know if you have noticed that I never refer to Roy as "my man." He told me he hates that used in reference to himself. It makes him sound like an object, not a person. Plan man is fine, Hubby, Roy Joy is too, but not Roy Boy. He doesn't care if others refer to their boyfriends or husbands in this way, but he doesn't want me to with him. He is pondering Hubs.

What I Know Now is, I need to get moving. Have the Dyson calling my name and then a book to finish. I also know now we are having play store made Chicken Pot Pie. So good, makes ya slap ya mama or drop kick an aunt.


courtney said...

I prefer Decoy Roy, or Hip Hop Roy.

Anonymous said...

your pedometer episode reminded me of Beth's camera purchase!!!!

Jess Martinez said...

I love the observation you have of the different kind of picture taking! You are so right!