Thursday, January 17, 2008


Oh it feels so good to be home, in front of the computer with a Diet Coke and Buddy by my side. A lot of work was crammed into 2 days. Yesterday was a long word day and there a few times I felt a little bit woozy and without strength, but I made it. Tonight, I met Dena at the Bistro for dinner. I had another buy one get one free card and we used it to our best advantage. She ordered the chicken, I ordered steak, we both got crab bisque and then we split the steak and chicken. Lisa P and I were the first to discover this having the best of both worlds a couple of summers ago. Then we ran into Mary in Point of View. She gave us a free valet parking card good for the whole year. We walked down to Border's. Dena had a book on hold and of course I had a Border's coupon. So it was a good evening with all the above and of course shared dinner and the conversation between good friends who want to get caught up with the happenings.

Roy didn't make it past 9:00. He was tired and went to bed. Of course I need to unwind and process the day. The pedometers I ordered came and I thought he would be all over that getting them set up. Nah, he will save that for another day. I may give a look see to it.

We celebrated Cassi's birthday yesterday at Cafe Adobe. What a fun time. We met at the Esther Bible study last semester. We got to visiting and before I know it, I am asking her to send me a resume and I didn't have a position to offer. God was in it all and she briefly worked for me and then went full time working for our Assistant Minister of Education. She blesses me tremendously and I am so glad she is in our office and that we are friends. Of course she is like 24. All of Admins in Education are young and I absolutely love what they bring to the office. Anyway, Cassi rode back with me and as we are getting into my car she says, "my best friend drives a Mustang." I did not skip a beat and replied, "oh Cassi, I didn't know we were best friends." You see, I drive a Mustang. Of course I knew she was talking about her friend, but we laughed all the way back to the office over it.

This morning I was reading before going to work and I came across this sentence and thoughts in the book, Buck Naked Faith. I was reading about activity verses progress. Love this quote, "We must also insure we are making progress, for perhaps second to laziness, busyness without progress sucks the potential right out of us and ultimately stunts our growth." The question is to look back on the past year or so and ask this question, Am I more like my Master Jesus? We are distracted both by good and the not so good. I began thinking through last year and knew that teaching Sunday School, while a good thing was not making me more like Jesus. I was frustrated with situations ongoing in my life and felt like I wasn't giving it my all. Instead of being refreshed by sharing the Word, I found myself drained, tired and frustrated. I thought about relationships and activities while not bad, were keeping me from being more like Jesus. Then it was delightful to think of friends and family that usher in God's presence and being with them caused growth and progress, becoming more like the Lord. Thought it was a good word and just wanted to put it out here.

Fun day in that I celebrated Christmas with CourtneyS. She gave me a bag of wonderful, fun things that I love. There were small notebooks, green staples, cool pens, a cute bunny mood magnet and post its. She also re-gifted a "fake candle." I can't wait for Chad to be in the Ministries Suite and see the flickering light of my candle. We can't have lit candles after someones birthday cake and candles set off the fire alarms one Sunday morning.

The bookstore had two boxes of books they were giving away. You know I had to check it out. There was a book about PMS and the whole premise was this, women don't know why they are emotional, cranky and in a bad mood for about 10 days a month and here is the answer, you have PMS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I thought it was a joke book, but it was real. No surprise, it was written by a man.


Dana said...

Hey friend, glad you are doing better!

I am surprised Lee allowed that book in the store. He hates those 3 little letters. I guess they are little when separate, quite another thing when all together.

Sorry I missed Cassi's birthday! Hope to be back soon.

Time to cough myself into a coma.

Anonymous said...

i was "ushering in the presence" this morning by visiting blogs ...found one name "Sheep to the right" and thought of you and checked it was another good stop but there found one that reminded me of LisaP.."notes from the soul"..she has posted a worship journal that i think Lisa will enjoy! who knows one day it may all make sense to me! Hope you and Roy get your pedometers running! Have a healthy weekend!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe i am returning so soon but i just visited one of my favorite author-speaker's site....and the article i chose to read reminded me of your fragrance post....check this out... or if you are more like me just google dallas willard then choose articles and read the one titled: Looking like Jesus!