Monday, January 14, 2008

One More Thing for my BloggityBoos

Man oh man, I have been laid out the past two days...weak, weary, weird and tired. I am taking naps to be able to do the smallest things. Roy is at a seminar today and tomorrow learning something new or some kind of new software. He said it used to be a 5 day experience, but they have crammed it into two days. He is thrilled. He is probably thrilled to come home to a weakened and puny me. Buddy won't let him come near me, so it is official, I must be dying. My guard cat is sitting on the ottoman right by my side. Roy brought home a salad and some pizza. He must be calling those things that be not as though they were. You know eat pizza and salad and keep it down has to be an almighty sign that I am on the road back to the living. I am bummed out because Resolve begins today and I am not getting enough points. Illness should be at least one point for the day.

Roy has just announced to me he is going to walk the Houston Marathon next year. If you are walking it, you begin at 5:00 am. I told him if he is going to do it, he better register really soon. Registration began yesterday for 2009. If he is going to do this, I told him I would cheer him the finish line. He says it takes about 5 -6 hours if walking. Hmm...should be awake to see him cross the line. Doing a marathon just doesn't interest me. Kind of like people who want to climb mountains...because it is there. Not this child. I did primitive hike in the Olympic mountains when I was much younger. Never want to do it again, but glad to be able to say I did. Last year when I nearly spent 9 hours at The Galleria...don't want to do it again, but glad I did.

Tonight Roy fixed me up in his big chair with blankets and the laptop. Brought me a Diet Coke, my meds, and a book I've been reading. No way, I am going to read right now. I would have to take a nap to do so. Roy's big chair is a recliner that doesn't look like a recliner and the foot part is an ottoman. The heat of the lap top and all the blankets is keeping me warm. It is taking all that is within him not to turn down the A/C to 64 degrees. That is the temp he likes at night.

Even with a raging temperature, I am trying to perform my wifely duties from the big chair. No not that!!! I am helping Roy pick out a shirt to wear tomorrow. Business casual is not his strong point. It used to be that if I was going out of town, I would have to put together his outfits before leaving. We are in the the throes of the process. He is much better at it now, but if we get out of his routine of the same o same o, I need to step in with help. I say stripes, he is bringing out the plaid shirts. I am naming the shirts by brand name, wear the maroon and black stripe Eddie Bauer shirt. He is bringing out Nordstrom and Polo shirts. Praise God, he found it. Now the search for his black dress pants will begin. This is why we make a good team. He is brilliant when it comes to accounting, trading and law, but common sense his not his strong point. My shot at brilliance came when I said I do 30 years ago. His finding the correct shirt just saved me a nap before bedtime.

What do I keep hitting that publishes a post before I want it posted. Second time it has happened today. I need to run spell check because I am a horrible speller.

Glad to see you commenting again Anonymous. I have missed you.

Got an email from Liz and her gift card came on Saturday. For those of you who want to, comment on Relaxation and enter the drawing for another SPA gift card from the Nord.
Strength will rise when we go into the Nord when we go into the Nord, when we go into the Nord.

I'm going to bed...Night, night and sweet dreams.


Dana said...

Last night I had fever and chills. Today I am coughing and don't feel good. I think I should go home, but my evil plan is to get everyone sick. Mwa ha ha ha.

Not really. I am off tomorrow and have too much to do to be off both days.

Get better, you are missed, very much!

Anonymous said...

love to watch the traffic--Scotland today how cool is sorry to miss biblestudy tonight..hope you are well enough to go and bask in the fragrance!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!