Friday, January 4, 2008

Part II- No, No, Say it Ain't So

I have arrived home a little blonder than when I left this morning. I have arrived home more disconcerted than this morning, even though I was running late. Why disconcerted,because my long time hair salon Emmanuel, is moving to Sugarland at the end of March. I love Emmanuel for many, many reasons. One, it is owned by Christians and two, Veronica knows the inter workings and quirkiness of my hair. Isn't that great the name Emmanuel means God with us. And you know you want God all over the joint when hair is being cut, colored, permed, straightened and blown dry. For goodness sake, He knows the number of hairs on our head. Bryan sat down and explained all the business reasons the salon is moving 10 minutes away from home to Sugarland. I told him this morning, I will give it a try and prebooked a half a year of appointments to be able to have the 10:00 appointment every four weeks. The salon will be located next to the new Whole Foods and here is where my decision was made, across the street from the Super Target. I can make a day of it going out to Sugarland, there is some good shopping out that way. What would be even more missed is the verse that Veronica has up at her station. "The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord." Psalm 45:11

Next up today is eye doctor appointment. They are located in the Heights next to Collina's. Now, they cannot tell me they are moving cause going to get my eyes checked, then eating at Collina's makes it all worth while. You know, you think about breath and make up when someone is going to be so close to your face. I have my every six week appointment with Charles at the Nord for eyebrows and lip hair removal... so I am good there. But I just noticed this long dark hair growing out on my jaw. AHHHHH!!!!!! How long has it been there and I have not even noticed? How many people have thought, will you just pluck that one ugly hair? I got out my Christi Harris razor deal and cut that sucker off. Good thing I noticed before the DR is all up in my face.

OK, here is another embarrassing happening at the condo-manium. Mike, our usual mailman, must be on vacation. So none of our mail is in the right box. We are all helpful and leave any mail that has accidentally made it into our box in front of our neighbors door. When I got home from the aforementioned hair appointment, I saw a huge stack of mail at the door. I thought good thoughts toward whatever lovely neighbor had left it there. Except that on the very top of the mail, for everyone to see was a reminder card that I have not had my colonoscopy and I am three years past my 50th when they LOVE for you to come in and have that done. Oh kind neighbor, you could have put that underneath everything.

I used to belong to a group called Sisters to the End. We all said we would have our colonoscophy together. I came up with our theme verse which is

Isaiah 30:21-21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way.

The time she is acoming closer for me to go back to work. Everyone has told me that the first day will be hard and then after that, you welcome the familar back into your life. I have missed all my young co-workers in the Ministries office, my lunch bunch friends and Jason (not really, but I felt I needed to say that) No, I have missed him, just don't miss all the work he generates for me.


Ali said...

I empathise, my hairdresser also moved from 5 minutes away to 15 miles away. I just moved with him as it took me so long to find someone who could tame my curly locks I decided it was easier in the long run not to have to start looking over again (PS tomorrow I too will be blonder. Or maybe auburn - sometimes he does that )

Don't worry about going back to work, I was supposed to be back today and the Lord knew I wasn't quite ready and sent a snowstorm to cripple the city so I could stay home and make snowmen with my kids :-)

Dana said...

I just wonder if it is casserole woman making sure everyone knows your personals.

Thanks for the laugh!

Profbaugh said...

Oh I am so with you on this one. My stylist moved 15 miles away. I moved with her. Then she got pregnant!! Good for her. Not so much for me. My hair is really weird especially when it comes to color. Oh my!! I went the entire time of her maturity with getting my hair touched up. YIKES!! She came back part-time right before Christmas, which was of course the BEST present ever. So, I am now presentable again, which is good, because like you I have to go back to work soon too!!! Just wish I could wear my PJ's and Uggs to work!!