Monday, January 14, 2008

To My Bloggityboos

I am home ill today. Your next question would be (and it would be mine too), why are you blogging? I will tell you, cause I think I am getting bed sores on my right hip, after freezing all morning and unable to get warm even though I have every blanket, throw and comforter we own on top of me, and now all of the sudden I can't get cool enough, so I am out of bed. I am changing out pillows every 5 minutes cause they feel hot. That is not restful and all that movement disturbs Buddy, who hasn't left my side. Which worries me because of the story a couple of months ago about the cat who knew when people were going to die and laid down beside them until their passing. I had the laptop in bed with me monitoring my work email for any urgent issue that needs to be taken care of. Again, not restful flipping pillows and balancing my lap top on the man made hill in the middle of our bed created by our guaranteed not to bunch feather bed. The little hill which I call Mt. Mizar (from the Psalms and means little hill. I am not meaning for this to even be a spiritual post, but I already went all Hebrew on ya) does help drown out snoring. Its presence muffles snoring into deep breathing. So, I am out of bed, keeping down a Lean Cuisine (for now), taking meds, drinking water and hot tea and trying to get well.

So you know how it is when you have a fever, it is fitful sleeping and the strangest dreams and thoughts enter your head. So, today while I sit here feverish and a bit weirded out (for all you Teen Girl Squad fans) I thought I might write down a few of these thoughts. Before I do, I am going to write down what I am watching Buddy do. She has these two Beanie Baby kittens that have been her companions since she was a kitten. She has one of them and is being all maternal with it, washing and holding it. Out of the blue, she takes that little kitten by the face and throws it across the kitchen. Repeats mothering process, repeats chunking the little Beanie Baby over her and across the room. Probably a good thing we didn't let her become a mom.

The following is kind of like the 100 thing, but the 100 thing overwhelms me. I would get to 28 and then hit delete. So, these are very random thoughts I have been thinking this morning and afternoon. This in no way is a complete list...and the order of these things doesn't mean a thing.

  • Cartwheels...
  • Change a diaper ( I have never changed a diaper in my whole life. I am not looking for experience by posting this)
  • Sing soprano
  • Live without God's new mercies
  • Sew, not even a button.
  • Draw
  • Math past the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fold king size sheets neatly. Way back, probably even until a couple of years ago, remember how for the Lord's Supper, they would have a sheet draping the elements? And those deacons would take the sheet and fold it ever so nicely? I wonder if they ever did that at home, you know fold the sheets like they were folding an American flag. I am glad they don't do that anymore and I am glad we got away from using the Lord Supper juice box element. They looked like a jelly deal at Cracker Barrel with a round cracker sealed on top of it. It was hard being reverent during the whole thing cause all you could hear was the unwrapping of the juice box. Very distracting. One time I had to undo Peggy's cause she could not get it open and she was going to miss the whole thing. We were in the choir loft and I was trying to be very discreet. I could only get the juice thing open so wide, so I left a lot of the juice in the container. I was afraid I would get grape juice all over the front of my choir robe and just let it be. Peggy is sitting next to me saying, "drink ye all of it." Marge Caldwell saw all this going on and after the service asked us if we were having some problems with our elements. Yep, she laughed that wonderful laugh and said me too, me too. That isn't bad to be in the same company as Marge.


  • Early mornings
  • Really late nights if it involves an early morning the next day
  • Early morning quiet time, especially if the above has happened
  • Cook
  • Grocery Shop
  • Make small talk
  • Practice a script with Peggy out loud
  • Budget


  • Play competitive tennis, volleyball and softball. Tennis, at one time I had one of the fastest and accurate serves of amateur woman playing tennis in Houston. I played USVBA for years, mainly co-ed after college, and was an All American catcher in 1983.
  • Kneel- see above. This would include squats, lunges and getting on the floor without needing the whole room to clear out before I get back up. When Roy became a Stephen's Minister, the ceremony was in big church. They had to kneel on cushions for the prayer. After that, the deacon ordination thing happened. If I had become a Stephen's minister that night, I would have also become a deacon, cause I would have had to wait for the whole church to empty out before I got up off my knees.
  • Run
  • Tan
  • Paint my toenails or pluck my eyebrows. Can't get my glasses to get in the right spot to do either one. Shaving my legs is bringing up a close third. Well, even when I had great vision, I wasn't one to spend a whole lot of time on it unless there was some special occasion involved. I know TMI.


  • Spend a week in Asheville, NC
  • Write a book
  • Retire
  • I have never been to England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales and want to. I am of Welsh descent. Don't have the attention span to do family tree kind of thing, so it would be to see and experience. Besides I know that 3 brothers left Wales and came to the states. They were miners and settled in Virginia. They eventually moved to Kentucky. I always wondered why anyone would leave Virgina for Kentucky, but I found my answer in a Mary Lee Settle book, Addie, the valley that leads from Virginia to Kentucky is beautiful. Those who left thought the view would be the same throughout their travels. If you are from Kentucky, do not get mad at me, I love the state, which leads me to my next...
  • Go back to Kentucky
  • Invent something that no one could do without
  • Get over my fear of heights


  • God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • Roy
  • Our nieces Megan and Erin
  • My friends
  • Buddy
  • The Nord
  • Mexican food, especially Lupes and Los Cu Cos
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Peppermint Ice Cream
  • Anything by Ce Ce Winnans, Kirk Franklin, or Lisa Pierre
  • Books
  • Blogs
  • cards- to give and love to get them
  • A/C
  • Naps

Many more but hey we all have schedules. Well, I really don't today.


  • brussel sprouts
  • beets
  • long lines for something good
  • traffic

Oh, there is so much more to don't like, but it is all so boring.

I could write more, but the chills have returned, so I am returning to bed. This time without my computer. Most probably Buddy will return with me. Thanks for keeping me entertained for a while. All the older ladies are out sitting by the pool. The deep laugher is out there cause I can hear her above the rest. So until more feverish thoughts hit...happy napping.


Amanda said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hearing about Buddy's babies makes me laugh. Animals are so funny if you take the time to watch them. Also? I can do a cartwheel but only to the right. I have no idea why not the left. It's always baffled me. And I'm with you on hating beets.

courtney said...

You'd better get well so you can attend my Super Bowl a.k.a. Chili & RoTel party. Count me in on a trip to Scotland & Wales! My dad's side of the fam is almost exclusively from there.

jsi said...

I don't like brussel sprouts either!
Get well soon

Ulovebeth said...

I'm glad you made the disclaimer about Kentucky, my home state. We could be related, you know.

I also used to live in Asheville. It's completely beautiful. I'll give you a whole list of restaurants to visit when you go.

Remember: It's all about the neti pot. And that's from India, not Kentucky. Have you heard of it? It might help your ailment, if it's a cold.

Dana said...

Get well Nancy! We miss you...