Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Condomanium Part IV and Reunited

Wednesdays, they are long days of work, but a lot of fun between the tasks. Roy made it to Midlink Cafe. His staff at the office thought something was very wrong, he actually left at 5:00 pm. After checking on a few last minute details, I came on home and was welcomed at the door by Buddy. She also made a quick scoot into the hall, but bolted back in the safety of home. Stranger danger in the hall. Actually the woman in the hall is no stranger to me, except that she is stranger in the night than in the daytime... She is our neighbor that is bi-polar. When she is taking medication, she is so sweet and nice, but when she stops the meds, chance meetings by the pool or in the hall can turn very strange. Let me say this right off, I am not making fun of anyone who needs medication to survive in the tough world we live in. What I am saying is she is scary when off. The only way I know how to read her is by how she says my name. If it is Hello Nancy, she is on meds. But when she says my name all Halloween scary sounding, Heeeellllllooooooo Naaaaaannnnnnnccccccccyyyyy, I run to the hills (in my mind) and try to make the visit short. Tonight, that is who Buddy saw in the hall. I have a feeling she is off her meds by how she was dressed. Bright yellow rain coat with black trim on the cuffs, lapel and belt. A shiny black hat, tilted just to the right. Large black and dark sunglasses. She carried a yellow with black polka dots umbrella. No outfit would be complete without knee high yellow rain boots. And she was making a beeline to us. I've never seen Buddy or for that matter, me, move so quickly without drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves. Roy and I have visited with the husband and we have prayed with him for his wife. He walks a tightrope with her emotions. They are an older couple and he says often I made a commitment with her for better or for worse. I have said to him, this is worse, but it is going to get better.

I saw Fern the other day at the garbage dumpster. She wasn't made up like usual, in fact she looked tired and worn out. Makes me wonder if she is ill. Rode up the elevator with Deloris. She is celebrating her 80th birthday this week. Casserole lady has been scarce. Haven't seen her in weeks.

Random thought, but I love House Hunters on HGTV. Dialogue-fake, but Roy and I love guessing which of the three houses they are going to choose.

Guess you can tell that Buddy and I are Reunited and it feels so good...

I was talking with Lisa P today. A dropped call happened and as soon as I hung up Jason requested that I go to the Fellowship Center to help him hang up the Midlink sign and do a few other things to get ready for the evening. I didn't have a message from her, so I better call her in just a bit.

The plan man just came home. He is taking the devotion and journaling course at church taught by William and Nancy Taylor. He thinks every man should take a course like this. Roy has always believed that women have a deeper relationship with the Lord cause we talk, blog and journal. He might just have something there.


Mauimom1 said...

Heeeeelllllllllllooooo are so funny! What happened to your neighbor with the eating disorder? I hope she is ok. That is some scary stuff. Glad you are feeling better and that you and Buddy are reunited. Missy

Lisa Pierre said...

Did we ever pick up the phone call?