Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It is Tuesday...wish it was Thursday

The flu is running rampant throughout Houston as well as an upper respiratory infection. It is kind of quiet around the office because several either have the flu or they are taking care of loved ones who have caught the bug.

This weekend was car repair weekend at our home. Mustang Sally was due for inspection and an oil change. I was dreading the inspection because of a small crack in one of my headlights and I knew she needed some brake work. Mustang Sally passed inspection, has new front brake pads, and wipers. On Sunday evening as we came home from church, Roy noticed a water leak in front of his truck in the church parking lot and then a small puddle of water at home. So, off he went with his truck for repairs. That meant he had to ride the bus Monday morning. It has been a while since he has done that. I volunteered without him even asking to pick him up from the office. Uh, I wasn't real quick or of cheerful heart to volunteer for that morning duty. So after work, I picked up Roy and we headed to The Nord for dinner and to return socks. Being really tired I didn't even want to shop. Ya know I had to be dragging not even to take a detour somewhere in the store. I dropped Roy off and he picked up his truck all fixed and ready to roll.

So Tuesday must have been car repair day for Jason. His wife's car was in the shop and would be overnight. The shop said to come by and pick up a loaner. Trouble was he couldn't find a man to take him there, so we got Papal dispensation for me to take him to the auto repair shop. Someone would have to be crazy if they saw Jason and me in a car together and think it is anything else but business. Talking with him in the car reminded me of how much I do enjoy working with him. He is so busy and on the run, we don't sit and visit like we used to. We had a couple of good laughs about him getting to drive an Escalade which he kept calling an Escalante (Mexican food place here in town).

It has been overwhelming to read all the comments on Living Proof's blog. I have prayed at the heartbreak and have rejoiced over the victory of so many. I contemplated too long both times to even comment and if I commented now, I wouldn't be anonymous. But I am thinking through for a later post of how Jesus gave victory to me over my stronghold of anger. I have had a good time praising and thanking God these past few days for that wonderful deliverance and remembering His mighty hand that brought success and freedom from something that held me much too long.

When I left church this afternoon, I had my first fragrance hint of spring, the fragrance of fresh mowed grass. I am much more a fall girl and would enjoy a few more cool blasts before spring hits full on. It won't be too much longer when those spring like days of 89 degrees will soon be upon us.


Laurie M. said...

We call the Escalade the "Escaldeee" in our house....a think it has a nice ring to it. Swig is such a high roller....

-Laurie M

Amanda said...

Nancy, I thought of you yesterday when I bought a dress (for $100 off!) at The Nord for Melissa's rehearsal dinner. I love getting to go in the fancy section. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that Mustang Sally is good and well. I hope Roy's car feels better soon.

Dana said...

Boooooo spring.

Yaaaaay fall!!!!

Nancy Mon said...

Amanda, I am so glad you got a great deal at The Nord.
It is always good to be in the house of the Nord.

Lisa Pierre said...

And this weekend the 4Runner had its first car wash in months where the windows were actually dried with a chamois. Then it rained.