Thursday, January 3, 2008

No, No, Say it Isn't So

I can't believe it! Where did the time go? I have to go back to work on Monday and there is so much I haven't done. My stack of books to be read has barely moved, the massive cleaning regime was overtaken by a coup of complacency and rest. The time for research-gone. Time for just doing nothing, is nearly exhausted. This time next Thursday I will be yearning for 4:30 and my soul and body crieth out, yea for the living God. (not that the living God isn't at church, He IS, but I just wanted to quote the song How Lovely Are They Dwelling Places)

This is my last day of uninterrupted time. These kind of days I love, sleep till 9:00 ish...ease into the day. Read. Write a few letters and notes. Online shop. Tomorrow I have appointments and places I have to be, but today I am luxuriating in the sea of calm, not stressed, satisfied with life and no demands of my time except for what I want to do. No answering phones, answering questions, looking up emails and phone numbers, no begging with anyone to do something because I accidentally overlooked a detail, no beating a deadline...none of that kind of stuff, just peace and quiet. Just me and Buddy taking it easy on a Thursday.

Knowing that the routine is coming I decided to pull out my red purse and carry it for the next few weeks. A red purse will chase away the blues. Just put all my money and cards into the little Coach pursette that Lisa P gave me for Christmas. Hmm...I am beginning to feel a little better.

This is my journal I am using this year. It is really a travel journal, which in reality is what we do each day. Journey.

Last night Buddy gave us a scare. Buddy is the least throwing up cat I have ever met. Last night I could hear this strange noise and I knew the strange noise was coming from Buddy. She was hunkered down on all fours with her head held slightly askew. Of course my plans were to bundle Buddy up and head to the Emergency Care for Animals off the West Loop. Reasonable heads prevailed when Roy mentioned she merely was trying to throw up. Not one to believe a man who never had a cat in his life until now, I called Dena, interrupting her from studying her Sunday School lesson. Yes, she was studying on a Wednesday night, but we all know good Sunday School teachers wait until Saturday night to study, then plead and make bargains with the Lord so that He will give a lesson to them. Uh, I don't know any teachers personally that have EVER done that. Anyway, Dena assured me that Buddy was OK, especially since she could probably hear Buddy in the background running around. We put some Vaseline on her nose to help her digest a hairball, if that is what it was. All that drama must have worn Buddy out. She slept by my side all night and has been somewhat lethargic today. So, while she is sleepy and cooperative, I took a few pictures of Buddy.

It has just come to mind, maybe it is time for me to go back to work, I am taking pictures of my cat. Not only that, but I ordered this stuff today I saw on late night TV, Stop Pain Now! You spray it under your tongue 4 times a day and all for the low, low price of $19.95 plus shipping and handling. I will let you know how it works out. I hope this helps with all the extreme knee pain I have had for the month of December. I wonder if this spray works when loved ones give a lot of pain.

Well, guess I better get cleaned up. I am meeting Dena for dinner. Roy has a late evening at the office trying to get loose ends all tied up. When he comes home he'll have a lovely lasagna dinner waitng for him...of course prepared by the fine, fine people of Rice Epicurean.


Amanda said...

Buddy is a beauty.

Courtney said...

the days have gone by so fast! i can not believe i will be up at your work in about a week! i cant wait to see you. i think of you daily due to me making sure thier is no ooze.
i am glad buddy is better... when i hear funny noises from my dogs, i run! :-)

Lauren said...

buddy is so pretty! and what is up with your "stop pain now" spray? that's too funny. we have a family member who, in former days, bought all his Christmas presents from either k-marts that were going out of business or from infomercials. i can just imagine getting "stop pain now" for Christmas.

do you guys have those annoying "head on" commercials in houston? kind of sounds similar, except in the head on commercials, you don't really know what the product actually DOES, only that it is some kind of miracle cure for SOMETHING.

Nancy Mon said...

Lauren, yes we have those head on commercials. They are so annoying! I will let you know how this Stop Pain Now works when I get it. Several friends have told me they have seen the commercial and wondered about the healing powers.

Praying for you and than baby boy who is delaying the inevitable.