Friday, January 25, 2008

I am a Nord Nerd and Other Silly Stuff

It is January 25th and in my possession for a month I have had 2 Nordstrom gift cards and $60.00 in Nordstrom Notes. Knowing that I am a Nordy Nerd, I think it is commendable that I haven't used the cards and notes before today. I took my time perusing the .com site and looking through Nordy catalogues and knew I would invest in a new purse.

This morning I didn't really know if I wanted to get out or not. I had a couple of things to return to The Nord and some stuff that just didn't work (fashion wise) from Eddie Bauer's. At 9:30 am, I made the decision to venture out in the dreary overcast day. Right there waiting for me was a primo parking spot on the first level. Off to return my stuff to my great joy and surprise I saw Penny. She has been my personal shopper from Macy's and has been at The Nord since it opened. She is now a Personal Touch shopper at The Nord and she helped me make my purse purchase today. I LOVE my new purse. It is red. I am going to wait till spring to begin using it and I will post a picture of it later. I am mainly so happy with I used the gift cards and notes just about covered the purchase.

One thing I am trying to do this year differently is pondering my purchases. Over the past few years I have gotten into the habit of buying clothes without really thinking about why I am buying them. And today I didn't go the way of the tempting by staying away from shoes and from side trips to Macy's and the like. Who knows if I can keep this up, but I am celebrating my victory today.

Last night Roy and I had dinner at The Buffalo Grille. It has been quite some time since either one of us has been there. We both did breakfast at dinner. Their cinnamon coffee is the best!

This week I picked up my new glasses and I also got some precription sunglasses. Of course I am blaming myself for the lack of sunshine this week. If I hadn't bought sunglasses this would have been the brightest, sunshinniest week.

Several of us have had great fun over the I love you that I was tricked into saying. Our office suite has been full of laughter and love... real genuine God love and the kind of love that is an overflow of the heart because of God's great goodness toward us. All the young ones are doing boot camp at 6:00am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Real bonding and encouragement is taking place and I love watching women who didn't even know each other existed 6 months ago experience a true depth of friendship and love. Two of them are newlyweds and two are getting married later this year. There is such an ease in their conversations and such depth in their concern for one another. I love it when they all come to my office just to chat for awhile. I am honored when they ask me to eat lunch with them or participate in fun. Next Wednesday a bunch of the youngies are going bowling at the CLC. I am the oldest person invited to participate. Again, I am honored. Their joy and enthusiasm blesses me. I am concerned about one of them, she is only 23 and wore pantyhose under her slacks yesterday. I feel she is being unduly influenced by someones quirky and odd ways (who will remain unnamed.) Just kidding with you CB.

Yesterday, those in the Worship/Music office cleaned out the storage closets and there was a plethora of junk all for the taking, all for free. I picked up a few choice items for Peggy and found one lovely orange hat for me (Mildred). So much junk brought back some fun memories from days gone by in choir and in the Christmas Pageant. That is what I love about working at a church, your scavenger skills are honed into excellence. Don't have lunch? Surely somewhere there are leftovers to be had. You can send out an email looking for the oddest thing and someone has it there on location. If you love boxes and who doesn't, boxes of any size are abundant and plentiful. I bet there is a box email at least once a week. It goes something like this:

2 good sturdy boxes for the taking. Will be thrown away if not taken by the end of the day. The boxes are always good and sturdy. No one ever sent out, stinky weak boxes for the taking.

What bothered me was, there wasn't ever any closure of the outcome for the box. When we did a Mildred and Gertrude for the staff Christmas lunch several years ago, Gertrude and I brought this up. Without closure, are the boxes claimed or are they thrown away? It is difficult to work when such pressing "need to know" issues are at hand. I would like to think that the one mention of no closure effected the office culture of Houston's First Baptist Church. Now when there are box, for free stuff, or any other kind of email sent out, there seems to always be the closure email following. I may never affect the kingdom of God more mightily than introducing the concept of sending the closure email. Yes, my life has made a difference.

Well, I am off to search for my Angel Innocent perfume. I bought some before Christmas and I can't remember where I put it. I need to be more focused when I am in my cleaning and organizing mode.

Have a great weekend!


Dana said...

Gotta love those box emails. They are the highlight of the day at times.

I do miss being upstairs for the close fellowship. I love my office, but miss seeing my friends often...

Thanks for a smile!

Anonymous said...

Sturdy Boxes! Closures! What else could you ask for??? We do have a fun group!


Jess Martinez said...

Ahahahahahaha! Poor CB!

I so love working in the office with you and the girls!

Lisa Pierre said...

I'm excited to see your new purse.