Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm Dragging and it is Only Tuesday

My goodness, I have only been back to work for two days and I am worn out. In fact, I am not at Bible Study tonight because tomorrow is the first evening of Midlink and I have a feeling I am going to need all the strength I can muster to do the day and the night.

Liz G contacted me, so she is the official winner of the Nord Spa pedicure. I plan to do another one of these in a month or so. It has been so much fun. Liz had a bone removed from her foot and has had one of those knee high air boots on. I think she is a most worthy winner and her toesy woseies will need the extra pampering and care that only Nord can give.

I am one fortunate woman. At least that is what I have been thinking the past few days. Again, I am thinking back on 2007 and the joys that were more abundant than the tough patches along the way. And this year, believe me, there have been some rough spots. Like today, in the midst of catching up and getting ready, came lunch. We had a fun group at the table today which included CourtneyS, Dana, Kelly and some non blogging friends. We got to laughing so hard at stories which hardly included anyone at the table, but we laughed until we all got coughing attacks. CourtneyS told her catfish story from the diner in Woodville and the dove sign hanging in the tabernacle that looked like the catfish sign demonstration, Dana shared a story from another blog, I told my crazy Debbie story of going weak with laughter when we were trying to help her mom move a heavy 1970's Spanish motif chair up the stairs. It is times like these that get you through the junk of the day.

Psalms 92 means a lot to me at this stage of life and I love reading it in the Amplified version. Even in old age(well I am not quite there yet) the righteous are fruitful and flourish in the courts of the Lord. And I have been reading in Job 42 especially these two verses...and the captivity of Job was released when he prayed for his friends and the later days of Job's life have been better than the first half. Much for me to think about. I love the verse about praying for his friends. They hadn't been all that great of friends to Job and they were chastised by the Lord for the advice they gave him. I think maybe part of that captivity that was released was bitterness and spite in Job toward them. But he loved his friends and he loved them by praying for them. I feel like since I became a Christian at the age of 16, that God has brought the best friends into my life. These friends along the years have taught me so much and my life is richer because of them. There are those times I would have walked right out the door on my marriage, if friends hadn't taken the time to love and walk me through it. I would have made some of the dumbest mistakes, if not for friends. Roy says that what blesses me, is going to bless him. I can come home from a girl's night out, had fun and the cares of life are lessened and my spirit refreshed. He cannot help but be blessed when I get home. I cannot even fathom what my life would be without friends walking through life with me. I love to pray for my friends, I know God's blessing is in doing that. So take some time to bring your friends by name to the Lord. Joy in abundance will fill you up. Now, there are times I am just doing sentence prayers on the run, but God honors that. Then there are those days when time doesn't matter and you can talk to God about friends for a long time.

Yesterday morning, I had my full quiet time. This morning sleep held sway over me and I only had about half of my quiet time. This can't keep up cause by Thursday I will be running on empty.

Well, I am going to go put my orthodics in my new tennis shoes. I gots me some walking to do.


Amanda said...

I wish I could have been there to hear the catfish story.

courtney said...

watch out for casserole lady while you're walking...

i just put your name on my new prayer notecard for my bathroom mirror. just wanted you to know.

Profbaugh said...

Hey Nancy,

My heart is with you Siesta!! I'm heading back to work next week after being off since August. So believe me, I'm reading your post here with much interest.

Know that I'm praying for you!! May you experience a extra dose of Holy Spirit energy this week.

P.S. I love your picture/header of the shoes (the Nord, I assume). Yup, you're definitely a woman after my own heart.

Much love,

Jennifer said...

I did love my mani/pedi. Janice did it and she was so sweet. If I ever go back again I would want to request her.

Courtney said...

alright, you are making me miss our lunch group. i should be up there next week so plan on sticking around!

Dana said...

Hmm, sounds familiar. Yawn....