Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Fun Morning at the Dentist

It was an exciting morning and by exciting I mean at the dentist.  Not that I find a consistency of excitement getting new crowns but today was a first.  Carol had to leave a few minutes and we were at a massive drooling opportunity, so she handed me a suction tube and told me to take care of the saliva so I wouldn't drown.   I was so numbed up on my right side I could barely tell what I was vacuuming and so thankful I didn't stick the thing up my nose. Other than holding my toothbrush, water pic and floss, I have never held an official dental tool in my hand before.  The power was almost too much to bear.  I had to take a picture.  My dental hygienist friend Kavin shared my pic from FB to her friends on FB and I am sure there are a lot of dental hygienists who are her FB friends.  It is really more about entertaining myself.  I am so easily amused. 

 Dr Greer, or as I call her Carol since we have known each other since high school, adjusting the light to be just right.
The suction power was right there in my hand.  Queen of the world I tells ya! 

Other than the appointment for seating the crown I believe this part of my major dental work comes to a close.  There are several other procedures out there to be done but I might get a small reprieve time wise. 

I could barely talk because half of my tongue and my right side of my mouth was numb.  I stopped on the way home at a couple of stores and noticed a few strange looks when I answered a store clerk.  And I just happened to find three more of the notebooks I hoard I mean collect.  I think I have enough to last me the rest of my life, but I don't know...if I see them, I think they need to come home with me. 

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