Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In the Bleak First Few Days of March

This bird looks kind of sad but in reality he was the victor of a hard fought battle with some crows.  He also scared off a few doves. 

Yesterday was an unusual March day around here, we had ice.  There were icicles hanging from roofs, garbage cans and fences.  The trees were adorned with a lovely layering of ice.  The pine trees couldn't hold the extra weight and branches laid on esplanades and yards.  The ice seemed to burden the pine but the crepe myrtle trees clothed in ice looked like debutantes waiting for the cotillion.  Icy surfaces played havoc with the birds with their take off and landings.  Tempers seemed to flare out on the bird feeder.  One cantankerous dove in particular intimidated other doves wishing to partake of frozen seed.  Soon this dove was taking on other species of birds but the mockingbird would have none of it and put that dove in its place. 

I was late for leadership council yesterday morning.  It has been a long morning even before leaving the house but in the midst of everything I stopped to pray and somehow that prayer time became nap time.  I texted Barbra to let tell her I was coming and I arrived toward the end of prayer time.  After leadership council I ran over to Whole Foods for some oranges, peeled, and came home to grab a quick bite.  I brushed my teeth and was off to the dentist.  I get a one week respite and we are back at it again after spring break week.  I got caught in a bit of traffic and since I was nearly out of gas, stopped in the cold windy day to fill up Sequisha.  I was home just long enough to turn on lights, give Buddy a couple of treats and then I was out the door to meet Dena for dinner.  Meanwhile Roy is trying to make it to Seven Lakes High School in time to vote.  I returned home just a few minutes after him.  He asked if I would mind if he went to the precinct meeting at 7:30.  Go ahead, knock yourself out on that political stuff.  He said it was rather boring and interesting to see how the process works.  He also stated that he was not the only one there interested in the political process and the general agreement is, our nation has taken a wrong turn. 

This morning I was out the door bright and early to go into Houston for a doctor appointment.  Roy suggested using the tollway and taking the back way in.  It was a nice theory but it was rather slow.  I made it to the appointment with one minute to spare.  After that I had a quick breakfast and a quick trip into Whole Earth Provision, looking for Flax clothes and I found some on sale, and The Container Store.  I was very conservative in what I picked out, then it was back to the Rancho. 

Today is Ash Wednesday and I have a Lenten post rolling around in me.  I had written it out and I have no clue where I filed it.  I might have to begin again. 

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