Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lights, Action and Fake Kindness

The morning after the first motion light night.  We need to rethink the placement of the lights yet having them in optimum spots.  Makes me want to sing that old disco song of long ago, I got a night light I've got to bogey in the night time scene.  Buddy's coming and goings and if one of us got up during the night to use the bathroom, the bright lights announce everything.  I think it bothers Roy more than me.  Only this morning in deep sleep my eyes sensed the bright flash of light and responsively, I jumped out of bed only to realize Buddy had triggered the light.  Maybe I will have to continue going on with bumps and painful toe ramming in the dark of night.  *****Last night's rearrangement of the lights worked much better***  I know you are on pins and needles needing that information to make it through the rest of your day. 

In light of our study of Genesis, once again Leadership Freak is straight on right.  The topic is Seven Cures for Cruelty in leadership.  Dan Rockwell quotes Seneca, “All cruelty springs from weakness.”  Yesterday we really discussed the hard heartedness of Joseph's brothers as they ate lunch and discussed the future of their brother all the while Joseph is begging for his life.  The lot of ten brothers make up a rather great bunch with overactive weakness genes.  The other point that bears noticing is, Fake kindness is the beginning cruelty.  Wow!  I was reading an article the other day on kindness and how kindness and gentleness are becoming obsolete in our world.  I would even think that genuine kindness and gentleness is heading toward extinction in the Christian world at times.  They are two of the most overlooked fruit of the fruit of the spirit.  Since most preachers are male and the pervading thought in this macho up man of God thinking, they might be considered a wuss in the church world realm.  So these guys stay away from the churchy le femme parts of the Bible.  Really kindness and gentleness are admirable in everyone, but in men, it makes them that much stronger and Christ-like.  One of the best shots in tennis is the drop shot and yet it is one of the gentlest shots, surprising and quite effective.  For a drop shot, the player doesn't generate the power to make the shot, they merely take the power shot from the opposing player, making the ball come to a slight stop  on their racquet.  Using a flat angle or spin, the ball drops over the net and usually it is a winning shot.  That is my definition of gentleness.  I even used a sports metaphor and since sport metaphors are used a lot in sermon points.... gentleness is taking what comes at you and taking the sting out.  Now there is a man who gets respect, with gentleness and doesn't have to go around all the time emphasizing, 'I'm a leader, I'm a leader, I'm a leader.'  Fake kindness would seem to be found more in women and women leaders.  Lord knows I have been fake kind and Lord knows I have been the recipient of fake kindness and it is true, it is a cruel, cruel thing.  I remember once someone being fake nice and kind to me in a conversation and just when I thought, this is a nice change, then  It wasn't being in pleasant conversation but putting in the fake kind time to ask me to do something I couldn't do and didn't feel right about doing it.  I walked away feeling like I had been used and a lot of time I didn't really have, wasted. 

As many posts go it is now Saturday morning.  The fireplace guy replaced the control component and did a little maintenance on both fireplaces.  We also had him replace the battery in the outdoor fireplace.  Since he came a little early we were able to take my trek over to the bike shop for its yearly tune up.  We finished putting out the mulch when we got home.  We are knocking things off our to do list at a good pace. 

Dena and I planned to eat dinner last night but we both opted for take out pizza and salad.  It was great because we could actually hear ourselves talk and didn't have to deal with the din of noise.  I brought over strawberries and blackberries for dessert.  It has been a while since we've been able to just sit down and visit and do the catch up kind of thing. 

Roy has gone to some Republican grass roots kind of thing this morning and he texted me he is having lots of fun and wants to go to the state meeting.  I can think of nothing more boring but he has felt that way about different activities I've done.  I'm trying to be very encouraging and understanding because spending a Saturday doing political stuff doesn't even make it on a top 1000 things I'd like to do. 

Now to spend a little more time easing into the day.....


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