Thursday, March 20, 2014


I loved the coolness of the morning.  For just a second I thought that it would be better to stay at home and have coffee on the courtyard but we are in the opening passages of studying Joseph.  Hopefully tomorrow morning will be cool and full of the fragrance of spring.  And nothing pressing on the calendar for the morning hours.

We had great discussion this morning.  Everyone brings up such interesting points and sometimes our bunny trails are just as interesting as our answers to the questions.  We all noted that none of us had ever noticed how passive Jacob gets as he grows older.  For someone who deceived and wrestled quite a change has come about.  And we were mostly in agreement it was not a good change.  You have step sons sleeping with a step mom, you have one sleeping with his daughter in law and favoritism of Joseph which Jacob surprisingly, continued on that family "tradition."  Yet in spite of themselves, God uses everything to bring about his purpose in getting them down to Egypt land to multiply and become a rather large nation in excile.

I made a trip to the grocery store this afternoon.  I found motion activated lights to use in our bedroom.  Uh, don't let your mind take that ride to smutville.  If I go to bed later than Roy I have a difficult time seeing my way into the bedroom and then into the bathroom.  We've been leaving on a light in the bathroom and it helps somewhat, but with the door almost closed, it wasn't helping me that much.  My feet are my eyes in the dark because I can tell where I am by the rug and the hardwoods but dang is sometimes the dresser and the small couch at the end of the bed jump right in front of me.  Add to the equation Buddy and not knowing where she is.  That gray blends in so nicely with the night.  So we will see if these help or if we are constantly awakened by the light of the comings and goings of Buddy.

Tomorrow the man comes to fix our fireplace.  I can tell you once it is fixed the cool weather is over with.  It takes two months to get an appointment.  We are going to have him do maintenance on the outdoor one as well.  The coming week is maintenance on the house or on me.  Next week is the appointment with my knee doctor and hopefully start the injections.

Once again I have had much to ponder from yesterday's post on Leadership Freak.  The topic change and growth.  "Incremental growth is walking down the familiar paths carrying the same assumptions. But, the first-real step toward exponential growth is a profound and dreadful letting go."  He says further, "Individuals, relationships, and organizations grow when they let go of worn expectations and assumptions.  Refusing to let go destroys growth and opportunity."  I feel like I am on a growth path but it is coming about differently than I have ever experienced it.  Today in the devo time at CBS we heard from the national director via video.  She is taking CBS into the 21st century with the new website and all that this will bring both on smart phones and tablets.  We will have the option of doing our homework online or in the spiral notebook.  I love e-books but when it comes to books that I want to underline and mark in, it doesn't feel the same as a real book in hand verses highlighting and typing notes in the margin with an e-book.  It is a big change and it will accommodate so much growth.  Next month we are going to do brunch time differently and I think it will be a lot of fun.  Shaking things up, I like it.  Of course the shake up I sense going on inside of me...well, I am not so quick to join the bandwagon of liking it.  I know that I have learned differently these past few years and experienced life more calmly than before.  In the midst of things I've noticed that instead of the joy I felt previously when I sent out cards, I absolutely dread it.  I don't even look at the card sections very often.  This doesn't seem to be a life change but a seasonal change.  Cards and sending them is a huge part of who I am, but I know this sounds strange but I sense refining in this by The Lord.  Guess I should get Frozen so I can learn the words and sing with everyone else.   Let it go, let it go.....

Roy is taking boudin kolaches for his group tomorrow.  It is spring cleaning time at the office.  He sent me an email this afternoon letting me know he needed to make a butane run tomorrow.  What the heck?  Later he told me he couldn't think of  the correct spelling for boudin and just used another b work, butane.  Come to think of it, he isn't too far off, cause after eating a few of those spicy kolaches tomorrow, there should be some butane kind of fumes going on.  Dear Lord, let those happen tomorrow on the bus as he travels home.

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