Monday, March 10, 2014

No Reeling Just Relying

The first week of spring forward.  I have a difficult time adjusting as do most people.  Even when you go to bed earlier hoping that your wake up time will be the same.  Just not happening as of yet.  We did not go to church Sunday morning and it was by design.  Roy was a part of a roll out of a new process and didn't get home until 1:00 am Wednesday/Thursday morning.  He was up and back to work on Thursday.  He had been tired and hasn't really had a chance to recover, so staying home Sunday morning was for him. 

We did the spring forward thing of changing out the air filters and batteries in the smoke detectors.  Always a fun job says no one here, but we are getting the hang of it finally.  We have high ceilings so Roy is up there on a very tall ladder and maneuvering the ladder throughout the house is an adventure for him and prayer time for me.   The winter comforters and extra blankets were stored away too.  And all the cold weather coverings for faucets and sprinkler system were stored away hopefully for the last time.  Last weekend found us getting all that stuff out and back on everything since we had that late freeze.  Today I will tackle getting out spring and summer clothes and getting all the winter togs put away. 

I am so sore from the Friday beat down by the shelves and storage bins in the casita bedroom.  Plus, my knees are ready for the next set of injections and thankfully those will begin in a couple of weeks. 

Last night I was cleaning out my email inbox.  I love being a keeper of quotes and when I don't have time to put them into my journal, I cut and paste, then email them to myself.  I got a huge chunk cleaned out by finally getting those quotes into my journal.  It took about an hour to do that.  I also came across email history that I am so glad I kept as it will prove useful in this ongoing saga with a delusional  loved one.  I also made a call to my retired therapist and she was able to give me some guidelines and structure when it comes time to respond.  There was a day years and years ago that this kind of 'issue' would have rendered me useless.  It would take some time to recover but as I have become more emotionally healthy and with God's healing touch, I'm able to move on and not become mired in drama mud.  Reading the words in one email took me back to Lent 2012.  That year I felt impressed not to give up something for Lent but to do something like Isaiah 59 says, starting in verse 6 but the verse that stung was the last part of verse 7, "and do not hide from relatives who need your help."  So that's what I did and the end result is estrangement and lies spread by this loved one.  But last night as I looked at that chapter I saw something that I couldn't have seen back then and can now look back and see God's hand.  Verse 9 "remove the heavy yoke of oppression."  That's a great description of this loved ones M O and God has removed that yoke.  Verse 8 is about healing, salvation and God's presence and that certainly is what these past two years have been about.  So when the drama raises its head and lies are hurled left and right with no regard of the consequences, I can take strength in God's Word.  Isaiah 57: 20-21; "But those who still reject me are like the restless sea, which is never still but continually churns up mud and dirt.  There is no peace for the wicked says my God."  My therapist asked me if this new situation had made me angry and honestly, it hasn't.  There is that touch of hurt if I stop and think about the lies I have been told and the lies that have been spread by this person.  But there in those verses I understand them, because they are not at peace and the only way they know how to get attention is to churn up mud and dirt.  I am writing this today not for sympathy but hopefully my story will help another.  I may not like the situation but my desire is to glorify God.  One thing, this is not an earthly battle but it is a spiritual battle and that requires it to be fought in the spiritual realm.  When this kind of trouble comes, instead of spending energy into why me, I do like Isaiah 58 says, free, lighten, share and give.  Do the work of the kingdom, bless someone and help someone.  I already know who God has laid upon my heart.  That is what defeats evil and the schemes of our enemy.  That my friends is spiritual warfare and if you are doing it in the power of God's love, you'll be victorious and can shout, it is by the Lord's hand. 

I'm in a good book reading season.  Mainly it is nonfiction and I have several books going.  They are all similar, so it makes it easier to keep up with them.  As for Southern fiction, April is coming up and April and October are the months when most Southern fiction is released. 

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