Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Icy, Icier, Iciest

Here are the pictures from Sunday mornings service.  The 9:30 crowd comes in fashionably late.  Our pastor preached out of Acts 20 but he had a little laugh with the congregation concerning the first part of the chapter.  Paul is preaching in a house and he is still preaching at midnight.  A young man in attendance becomes drowsy and falls asleep and fall out of the window on the third floor.  He's dead but Paul goes out to see about him and announces, he's alive and goes back to preaching.  Our pastor joked it was biblical to preach until midnight and then some.  We all laughed and I turned to Roy and said thus, it must be biblical to fall asleep in church.  Of course I joke but to those around me napping on Sunday mornings...the warning is; we are actually on the third floor at the top of the balcony. 

We experienced a rather exciting morning.  We overslept and by we I mean Roy, but I woke him up at 5:10 am.  Not being totally awake, I didn't realize that Roy was depending on me to help him by keeping up with the weather on TV.  All he needed to do is ask, but you would think in almost 37 years of waking up together, that he would remember morning is not my best time.  I am not a mind reader but alas I was able to wake up enough to help him.  He got out the door and to the park and ride with only one close call when a car swerved in front of him.  There are some minor fights going on at the bird feeder this morning.  Maybe one of the bird wives wasn't awake or aware in the early morning to help.  But Roy made it safely into the office and for this I am glad.

With ice everywhere and the potential for losing power, I stayed up after Roy left and did my hair.  One has to have priorities.  Although if a news crew was in the neighborhood, I would have a better chance of being interviewed if my hair is sticking out like Bozo the Clown or Albert Einstein and many a morning that is my smoky hot look.  I would only hope to be interviewed by Pooja Lodia.  We like her a lot around here. 

I think we scared Buddy this morning because it is rare for me to be up early in the morning.  She was laying low thinking this looked like one of those times when we leave town and she goes to camp or has a babysitter with her.  She has finally relaxed and is now able to take her early morning nap. 

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