Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts and Wonderings

I like this picture from the Biltmore Estate, although I have never seen it in person because it is on the trail that few take because shuttle service from the Inn is more convenient.  This is the wire fence that attempts to keep the deer out of the gardens and areas close to the house.  Bunnies and deer would have field day and to go containers.  Roy is getting in shape for the five mile walk to the house from the Inn.  In the fall, too many bears had been spotted and it was not safe to make the hike and when we were there for Christmas, it was way too cold but spring is just right...Wasn't that fun how I tied in bears to the three bears?  I know, it's not that great but I am so easily amused.  This picture of the gate and the anti-deer fence reminds me of Proverbs know guard your heart.  In January I did not pick a verse for the year and I could sound all spiritual and say I knew God was telling me to wait and find it but the truth is, I never took the time to contemplate and read to find my verse.  Since I have had some time to do this, these verses are resonating with me...verses for 2014.  They go nicely with my One Word, Persevere, because verse 25-27 instructs us to stay on the straight path, the safe path and don't get sidetracked.  Uh, I'm really going to have to depend on the Lord for not getting sidetracked.  It seems to be happening more and more.
Yesterday, I did the winter/spring clothes reversal.  All my sweaters, flannel and wool have been stored away and linen and brighter colors have arrived in the closet.  The only thing, I cannot find the rest of my capris and longer shorts.  That's an oxymoron, long shorts.  Anyway, I will continue the search later today.  I think they are in the guest room closet and if we ever had guests with hanging clothes, they might be in a bad way for space.  In the whole process, there are several more bags of clothes for KCM.  Then last night after watching an episode of Hoarding, I went through a drawer in the kitchen getting it all rearranged and neat.  I liked something one of the doctors said last night, this is what happens when you have too much stuff to manage.  Sentimental items that belonged to family members who had passed away destroyed or contaminated and the intense reality that  these items are not even salvageable is a painful thing to watch when the person sees the reality.  Some adjust, others do not.  Bet you didn't think you were going to get a review of Hoarders this morning or is what I just reviewed, The Bachelor?  I do know that Roy was a little upset Castle wasn't on last night because of the After the Rose wrap up. 
It is now Thursday.  Timing is everything concerning the verse I wrote about Tuesday morning because it came into play later on Tuesday afternoon.  Tuesday morning I had my appointment with my oral surgeon.  Then a quick stop to Target where I found 4 more notebooks!  You know it was a difficult afternoon if I am just now getting to writing about those favored notebooks.  A stop at The Fresh Market, Barnes and Noble and then off to meet Eileen for lunch at Babin's.  I've never eaten there and it is definitely going to be a return engagement.  Very good gumbo!  Eileen and I are friends from CBS and we are on leadership council together.  We have an awesome time when we get to sit beside one another in our meetings.  We stayed around after eating for several hours and then I came on home.  I had a phone message that I had been anticipating but really no clue when it would come.  There were a lot of questions and information requested.  After the conversation I forwarded some emails from 2012 and I came to a stop.  I was in shock.  I knew but yet I could not believe.  That day I found 4 more notebooks, I had a delivery from Amazon with three books I have wanted to get my hands on, I had a couple of magazines from Barnes and Noble and a delivery from Nordstrom.  I didn't even look at any of these things.  I could not get warm, so I went to bed until Roy got home.  He knew I had the conversation but he knew it wasn't a good sign that none of the lights were on when he pulled in the driveway. 
Quiet is my MO when there is distress or uncertainties.  Yesterday there was a bit of a misunderstanding with an appointment time, I was snippy about it.  That is not my usual reaction right off.  I found myself driving aggressively which is not something I do much of anymore.  I realized that I was acting out on things where I might have just a tad of control.  Then I confessed my attitude to the Lord and went back into the quiet.  That is where I hear that still small voice.  Proverbs 12 in NLT was especially good and timely yesterday.  My friend Eileen and I had traded some emails and I mentioned this.  She wrote back the words that stood out from that, what a blessing and encouragement that was.  I talked with Peggy, neither of us being in a very good mood to let her know lunch was out on Thursday because my doctor appointment was rescheduled for today but we found some things to laugh about. 
When I got home yesterday, I made the call I had been requested to do.  No real information, no nothing except they had received the emails and forwarded them to the proper people.  Roy and I went out to dinner and ran into Judy R and her mother in law at the happening Luby's.  Then I finally looked at the books and magazines yet I have not opened my Nordy box yet. 
That is it for now......

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