Thursday, March 27, 2014

Catching Up on Thursday

I'm pooped.  Today was a medical fun day.  I went to the ortho to see if I can begin injections again.  They last about six months.  The office has totally redone appointments and it is working.  In August, I spent an hour to an hour and a half in the waiting room because surgery took longer than usual.  Now, Tuesdays and Thursdays are his operating days which opens up the other days of the week.  I had a new adventure which keeps  the ol brain in tune.  I have never had to park in the garage before but the front lot was full today.  Since I had a little time to spare, I drove through most of the garage to see how things work and finally a garage at a medical center that is not too cramped and rather straightforward.  I almost did the whole garage thing without a hitch coming out but I forgot I needed to take the elevator in the garage down to the floor where I parked.  If the protocol is approved, I have an appointment to begin the injections on Monday.

 After that appointment I headed over to the dentist office, my home away from home.  Something on the lab work didn't look right, so she did some work and took another impression.  I got numbed up but not as much as last week, although today when I was to rinse and suck, the little suction thing, I sprouted watered down Lysol like a fountain.  It was exciting getting the bib drenched. 
I came home and crashed.  There is something about dentistry work that wears me out.  I think I'm always a little tense.  OK, a lot of tense. 

Just like so many posts before, it is now Thursday because I was so tired to finish up my thoughts.  I also got involved in a fun project that I will write about later.  Of course I was wired last night by the excitement of the project and from all the rest in the afternoon.  It made me feel kind of good today when several in my core group told me they missed their Wednesday email. 

The okay came today from the insurance company and I can start my series of injections on Monday.  The doctor told me yesterday that I would be a good candidate for the one injection that the FDA is giving approval for but he decided we wouldn't wait on that and just go ahead with the three injection thing. 

Today our discussion of Joseph and the multi flirty Mrs. Potiphar and Joseph in prison was once again multi layered and interesting.  We have similar views and sometimes our answers don't agree.  This is a group that really loves one another and respect each viewpoint.  One of the ladies whose thoughts are deep and well thought out went to get a cup of coffee for an older lady in the group.  As we began the review questions Peggy read her answer.  Peggy seldom does the review questions and as we all marveled at the scripture she referenced and deep thoughts, I noticed that Peggy's book was on her lap.  Peggy was reading the other lady's answers.  Oh my...we all enjoyed that laugh and it was a great answer.  I didn't stay for teaching time because I needed to head into the Galleria to meet Lisa P for lunch at The Nord.  As per usual, we had a wonderful time.  It has taken us so long to find a date where we both could get together.  With the addition of appointments along with Bible study, my days get full.  I am also being diligent to keep some 'be' time for reading and writing. 

The sound of March Madness fills our home, so I'll go join Roy is watching the Bears.  Sic em Bears!  Oh wait....I can't watch because they win when I don't.  Although that didn't hold true for watching the Lady Bears win. 

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