Saturday, March 8, 2014

Help I've Fallen and Can't Find Anyone

Two things off our list, high speed internet fixed and we had someone look at our gas stove.  Getting things marked off the list feels satisfying, so I took on a few projects today and now I feel satisfied and tired.  I have never been happy with the rug in my reading room.  I love the rug but is just didn't fit.  I decided to move it into our large entryway.  The moving and tugging and rearranging would have been easier with two people but the idea came while Roy was at the office.  The whole rearranging thing was just about completed when Roy texted he was finished at Emmanuel and we would meet at Luby's for lunch.  Today they had meatloaf and it was really good.  Love a tomatoey sauce.  We came home and while browsing through a magazine I remembered that I hadn't made my orthopedic appointment for my knees.  While doing that, I also got an email from my doctor and the results of my blood work were in.  Everything looks normal with a few things being borderline but I am happy with the report.  Will I be this happy when I go see the doctor next week?  I don't know.  Not only was I rearranging rugs, I cleaned out clothes in the closet.  When we moved here, we had a lot of clothes in those plastic storage drawers.  At our condo, the dryer was not efficient and it took forever for anything to dry thus resulting in more clothes than we really needed but felt the necessity to own.  My goal was to get rid of those storage drawers and today we accomplished it.  Over the past year we have been focused on meeting this goal.  So, with these empty storage drawers naturally the casita bedroom closet came to mind.  I have a lot of materials to use in my artful journaling.   I have been getting better organized but the number of storage bins is a tad overwhelming.  These larger drawers would fit the closet and the need nicely.  There is a lot of rearranging and sorting.  When we moved here, we bought some shelves at Target that had to be put together.  These shelves really weren't doing the job but as I was rearranging things, all the shelves and wires came crashing down on me and the force of the crashing shelves propelled me into materials that hadn't been assigned a place and the domino effect was shelving, books and storage bins on top of me.  Man, I hurt.  Roy was in the house with Dan the Man who fixed our internet into high speed.  He was not paying attention to his phone, rather the internet and our home phone was offline while Dan worked..  I texted Dena to see if she was around and then just laid there gathering strength to text the next closest person on the list.  Fortunately, Roy and Dan the Man came out to the casita bedroom to look at the hook up of the TV and instead of just getting that info, they found me.  Believe me I was so embarrassed yet at the same time overjoyed to be found.  Getting off the ground is not one of my better looks, so Dan the Man had to leave while Roy and I worked on getting me upright.  It is a good thing that our church doesn't ordain women as deacons, not that I would ever be chosen, but if I was, I would have to remain kneeling or sleeping on those big pillows they use till church was over and everyone was gone. When I was destroying my knees when I was younger, I never thought about the days of getting off the floor like an old granny.   I hope he doesn't approach the subject of getting one of those life alert buttons, you know I've fallen and I can't get up.    The closet and the bedroom littered with glittered, journals and the like.  Stuff everywhere.  I cleared off a spot on the bed to lay down as to recover.  When I finally felt like I could continue on with my chore, I decided to play Hoarding, Buried Alive.  With a trash bag in hand I began sorting through all my paper, pens, scissors, stickers and the like deciding what to keep and what to throw away.  Dang, playing Hoarding Buried Alive is difficult.  You see, I can clean out a closet of clothes without a regret.  Stuff goes into the bags but when it come to journals and pens...  Let's just say I got rid of two journals and a few other things.  Not much, but since I really don't have a hoarding problem, I didn't have that much to pick up and organize.  I would like it to be duly noted that unlike the people on Hoarding, Buried Alive, I did not cuss or swear one time.  No beeping out words in the casita today.  Now, we have a nice assortment of storage tubs and bins.  Now...what to do with them?  That my friends is for another day because Cold Justice came on and I love that show.