Saturday, March 15, 2014

Not Much Going On...I Like It This Way

Friday night.  Two dinner invites but we didn't accept.  Both would have been fun but we had eaten a huge lunch, we had run all kinds of errands and when we came home I took a long, long nap.  Even the phone ringing didn't wake me up.  It must have been the combination of a busy day and relief from yesterday's news. 

Roy took today off and his day began with a doctor appointment.  Just like a neighborhood church, he has been looking for a doctor in our area.  After several were recommended, he finally picked a doctor at Memorial Herman.  He loved the visit, doctor and staff.  Good news, they are opening an office in Firethorne which until now has only held slight amusement for us and their trails to nowhere and to the Shell station.  Then he went to a neighborhood bike shop to see if they could do a tune up on his Trek and the answer, yes.  When he got home we loaded his Trek into Sequisha.  On the way to the shop we stopped by Peggy's to leave a red velvet chocolate chunk pound cake.  Since Roy had to do  fasting for blood work, he was ready for lunch.  I had lunch at Babin's on Tuesday with my friend Eileen and after telling Roy how good everything was, he thought we should go today.  The food was delicious but I think we ate too much.  Roy graciously said yes to going to the Hobby Lobby at the other end of Fry.  I was hoping they had a particular type of paper 8.5 x 11 and they did.  There was a better selection of a few other supplies too.  We left and found ourselves at Costco.  Roy is providing breakfast for Bible study in the morning.  And as is the way with Costco, we found other things that we knew we could not live without.  After checking out we ate ice cream at the Costco.  And when we got home, I took the nap I wrote about in the above paragraph. 

Once I got the grogginess over, I finished up a few projects and did some Bible study homework.  I am trying to finish up several books I'm reading and of course catch the latest episode of Cold Justice.  We are plain old boring people right now, but it is just the pace I need. 

We are now into Saturday.  I happily eased into the day but had a sudden change in plans.  Roy called from Lowe's.  He had picked up 10 bags of mulch and he was on his way home. flowerbed work today.  We had planned to go over to Market Days in downtown Katy, then to the Amish Craftsman and afterwards pick up BBQ from Goode Company.  We decided to unload the mulch, maybe put some around the trees and then get on with the rest of our plans.  We didn't do the mulch because it is a rainy day in Houston, so we just made room in the garage for it.  I won an etched mirror a couple of weeks ago from The Amish Craftsman and we went to pick it up today.  It is beautiful!  The young woman helping us asked if we had ever been in the store...Roy told her, y'all practically decorated our whole house. 

It has been a while since we have had Goode Company BBQ.  We brought it home and had a delicious lunch.  I have been working on projects and may or may not have taken a nap.  Rainy day, reading a book....the next thing you know it is 5:30.  One of the projects I am working on is putting together a simple piece that might help others when dealing with a difficult loved one.  I am not a therapist but these are helpful words from the stories in the Bible. 

I love that this one particular tree close to our side yard is like the herald trumpet of the seasons.  It is the first tree in the fall that shows its changing colors.  Now this tree seems to be budding right before my eyes.  There seems to be more green leaves each time I gaze at it during the day. 

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