Monday, March 3, 2014

A Weekend Recap Not About the Oscars

I've been taking a few of the tests offered on Facebook.  All of the sudden there are all these questions of what state are you really from, what character are you in Downton Abbey, Steel Magnolias, and in the Bible.  Are you right or left brained?  What app are you?  Are you on Facebook too much?  Apparently, since I have all this time to take these quizzes.  What soda and animal are you most like?  Pla-leeese!  What iconic boy should I date?  Uh, gave up dating about 37 years ago.  I confess I have taken a few of these quizzes and haven't liked the state thing at all.  I will keep taking it until I get the desired result.

Haircut and highlights happened on Friday.  What a lovely way to spend a morning getting beautimus hair and  experiencing fellowship and encouragement with Stevie.  Genesis and Jacob, Leah and Rachel; ah meaningful conversation on these sweethearts of the Bible.  Stevie had some great insight into Leah and then her daughter Dinah.  The timing perfect, because this week's homework is on that particular chapter. 

We had the first mow of the season on Friday as well.  Abel and his crew cut, edged, trimmed and pulled weeds.  Our front and backyard looks awesome and ready for spring plantings except for this long winter thing going on.  I love the long winter thing, so I am not complaining.  I haven't made the mindset switch for spring by changing out the winter wardrobe for linen and haven't even thought about what to plant for the flowerbeds.  I do know the dreaded spring forward is this upcoming weekend.  Ugh...

Roy and I had project day on Saturday.  We checked off a few things on our list.  Our reward for diligent work?  We ate a late lunch at Tony's and took the evening off.  We have lights for the courtyard and in hindsight, it is good we didn't have the proper materials to hang them.  With the wind gusts last night, those lights might have found themselves blown over to a new home. 

Sunday morning we roused ourselves to get up early and go to church at The Loop.  Last week we had not been definite, so it was easy to turn over and sleep a couple more hours.  This week we made sure we had made a plan for Sunday and I picked out what I wanted to wear to church on Saturday night.  Making that decision early helps Sunday morning move according to schedule.  I love the multi gen service where children, teens and adults lead worship.  Roy and I settled in our usual place on the back row of the balcony and let the Spirit of the Lord sweep over us with the music and worship.  We sang one of my favorite songs, When I Think About the Lord and I am not prone to tears but I could not help but weep as we sang, He'll fill you, He'll keep you, He'll heal you.  I rejoiced and praised God for those words at such a time as this, my one year anniversary of being back in the land of the living.  Bless you choir, orchestra, Elevation and High Five!   During the sermon we could see this intermittent flashing light in the ceiling from our vantage point in the balcony.  It was like the Bat Signal or the flashing of the Bat Phone from long ago TV Batman. After the service Roy and I made a quick dash to The Fresh Market and then headed back to the Rancho.   We had just enough time to put up groceries and then head over to Las Alamada's for brunch/lunch with Emily, David and Dena as we celebrated Roy's birthday.  Such fun and laughter with such fun and treasured friends.  Lots of unscripted emotions going on and not from fear.  (This is a point from the sermon we heard)

Yeah!  I got a dentist appointment moved up.  That just means we are getting a little closer to completion of this long term project.  Maybe it is more of a marking of a milestone but whatever it is, I am happy for the move up. 

Guess I better read the re-caps of the Oscars last night.  I didn't watch any pre or present or post Oscar shows knowing I could read the list this morning of the winners from films or movies I didn't go see and for the most part only know about half of the actors and actresses in them.  Kind of like how I didn't watch very much of the Olympics or Grammy's.  Somewhere along the line, that lost its appeal even for just seeing what everyone is wearing or in the case of some, not wearing.  It isn't that I don't want to stay current, I do, but in the things that are more meaningful. 

Happy Monday!

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