Friday, March 7, 2014

Memories, Closings and Repairs

Thursdays on FB are throw back days.  I got to thinking about a Kitchen Konnection we did in 2007.  Everyone else who has participated in these events at different times during the years had true cooking and baking skills.  Peggy and I have skills but we'd rather not think about the kitchen ones.  We titled our time Burnt Offerings and we made dishes that have been popular at the pot lucks at churches throughout the years.  With the exception of one crock pot dish, everything we made was of the cold variety but I'd like to think we made dishes of the cool variety because Peggy and I are cool like that. 

 Peggy doing her best imitation of all the best TV moms, June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson, Florence Henderson...maybe that should be Alice because everyone thought she looked more like Alice. 
 June Cleaver and Aunt Bea
 I am sure Peggy is responding to the oh so many questions we received about our mad cooking skills or it could have been one of the many deep spiritual questions that we tackle while cooking. 
 Mmmmm...pistachio JELLO salad with Cool Whip....sometimes if you're living right, you can find this dish best served cold at Luby's. 
Busy peeling potatoes for Peggy's famous potato salad.  It is the best!!  Really!! 
 Here's our finished product
What says dinner from the 1950s but pears on lettuce leaf, with a dollop of mayonnaise or cottage cheese, topped with grated cheese or a cherry.  Yum yum!

Then the group of us gathered ate everything we prepared and there wasn't one report of food poisoning afterwards. 

We here at Monablog have declared this month, March----the month of household repairs.  At least it seems like it.  Today Dan the Man is coming over to fix and do the work for light speed internet service.  Comcast has done their part or so they say.  In a couple of weeks the fireplace people come to repair the fireplace in the living room and do a check up on the one in the courtyard, we are contemplating having a natural gas generator installed to keep lights and a/c running in hurricane season or anytime there is a loss of power and we are trying to schedule someone to come out and check our gas range.  We had a problem with it before but this time it doesn't seem as serious but nevertheless, we need to get it taken care of. 

Dena just sent me an article that The Fresh Market is closing all their locations in the Houston area.  I cannot tell you how sad this has made me.  It's not like I haven't been trying to do my part.  I thought Fresh Market was much better than The Play Grocery store but that's just it, Fresh Market was just another play grocery store...with play being the emphasis.  I guess we will get back to looking for a church out here in Rancho De Five.  You might think that an odd statement, but many a time the bonus of a trip to the Fresh Market after church tipped the scale in going to The Loop.  Guess when we got to Asheville, we will have to add a trip to The Fresh Market along with our stop at Ingles to stock up on Diet CheerWine for Roy.  Maybe I am going to go drink one of the Diet CheerWine I bought Roy for Valentine's Day at the Rocket Buzz shop in La Centerra to cheer me up. 

Household repair of stove- checked off and done. 

I think I am going to go make a pimento cheese sandwich for lunch.  The fine folks at Fresh Market made it....No lie, I am going to miss that store. 

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