Saturday, March 15, 2014

HBAC Day Better Known as The Ides of March or Maybe Someone's BD

We have a tradition in our family, we do not acknowledge or even believe March 15th exists.  Really, it is one of those days that only reminds us that it is one month till taxes are due.  But due to a family member who insists this day, that can not be acknowledged, is her birthday.   Last year instead of once again not acknowledging the day, we came up with a new celebration....Happy Bloody Assignation of Caesar Day!!!   To celebrate the day we all have Caesar salad for lunch and red velvet cake for dessert.  This is the day of laundry of sheets remembering the togas worn back in Caesar's day.   Then if you are old enough to celebrate this day, it is also the day of sharpening kitchen knives.  Who wouldn't enjoy HBAC Day?  Newly incorporated this year is the daily message, sending pictures that have anything to do with HBAC Day.  Kind of like a devo/advent calendar in getting ready for this day. 

Well in the spirit of HBAC Day, I am going to acknowledge that this might be my sister in law's birthday.  OK, it is.  Nancy loves her some celebrations.  I love her enthusiasm for gift giving and better yet is when you are opening the gift.  Since she tapes wrapping paper like it is going to go through hurricane force winds, you struggle opening the package but in the background excitedly she's asking, do you like it?  Do you like it?  At first I didn't know if she needed affirmation for the great taping job or if her excitement was about the joy of the gift.  I now know it is the gift.

I love my sister in law, Nancy.  First off she has a wonderful name.  She is a great mom and friend.  I have never met such a thoughtful person.  Her days might be overwhelmed by work but if there is a friend in need, she is there.  It is fun on FB, which she isn't on, that so many of her friends from years ago contact me thinking I am their Nancy.  I happily point them in the right direction and get them in contact with one another.  Her influence on her daughters is profound.  They have a mom who loves them with everything she has. 

It just can't be helped sometimes, but it is a very fun thing to tease Nancy.  She is easily taken in.  She might do her standard response, WHATEVER, but she knows we love her.  She is talented in so many areas of life, but keeping up with humorous responses and scenarios is not her gift.  She tries, but we discourage her in this endeavor. 

Seriously, I love her.  She is kind and compassionate, good traits you want in a nurse, which she is one of the best, but traits you want in a friend.  I count her as one of my good friends even though we are related by marriage and then once removed.  Years ago, my crazy friend Debbie asked me to read her son a book before going to bed.  Sure, I'd love to.  She picked Love You Forever.  I had never read this book, but dang if it doesn't make you cry.  I could hear Debbie laughing in the background as I struggle to read the words through my tears, I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always.  As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.  I could not wait to get this book for Megan.  Nancy is so tenderhearted I knew the tears would flow even freer as she read it out loud to Megan.   Megan once asked Nancy if the mother dies in the book.  Then she asked Nancy what if you died?  Being the thoughtful and loving mother she responded to Megan, I would watch over you and be there with you.  Megan replied, well if you do, you can't stay long because I am going to be really busy. 

Happy Birthday Nancy!  I love you forever!  But I'd love you even more if you would just give in and celebrate HBAC Day. 

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