Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning....

Easing into the morning type day will be scarce in the upcoming days.  Next few  mornings will be dark thirty type of mornings and without any coffee or Diet Coke.  Oh, those will taste sweeter to me when I can return to those morning elixirs.  I am not complaining I am savoring because days I have longed to see are finally upon me.  Ooh, that sounded so biblical.  The early morning sky out here on the prairie has simply been beautiful. 

Yesterday hospital world and doctor world finally came together and agreed on scheduling.  It has been a frustrating two weeks and yesterday I came to my senses because being anxious wasn't going to do any good.  I waited for a bit of time yesterday before going to leadership meeting for Bible study for a confirmation call from the doctor, hospital or the College of Cardinals.  As I prayed on my way to the church I simply surrendered it all and knew within my heart of hearts if I wasn't scheduled it was not in God's timing.  No frantic calling the doctor office, I was just going to wait.  A friend sent me a verse yesterday morning Psalm 34:18, "The LORD is close to the broken hearted" and then this additional note or those with broken hearts or a heart that is broken.  Loved it!  I came in quietly in the leadership meeting during the devotion time and the words I heard as I entered the room; God is in control.  Donna had prepared her devo on the computer which had decided not to work but the daily reading from Jesus Calling had spoken volumes to her and as she read it, the same words spoke volumes to me.  As we do, we had prayer time after the devo.  I gave an update of nothing new to report but I asked for prayer that Roy's schedule could be worked out so he can be with me if the thing gets scheduled.  The next event that happened totally overwhelmed me, that group of 30 ladies immediately responded, what can we do to help?  Followed by, the affirmation of, we can help you!  We can come be with you if Roy can't.  The overwhelming presence of love filled my heart, I was blown away and I teared up.  I was speechless and you know that doesn't happen very often.  Afterwards two of my friends told me they were clearing their calendars if we needed them to be there at the hospital.  One volunteered for the day shift and the other staying overnight.  This display of kindness will forever change me, what an impact.  I have heard so many times the term 'servant girls' used in reference to the leadership team and that is an absolutely true statement. 

Peggy helped me with making some phone calls to find a nurse out here that can give me the Lovenex shot Thursday night.  Still waiting but I have lined up Marty Harper to help in case our Katy options don't work out.  When I found out yesterday that I am having a TEE done tomorrow, my plans of taking care of myself for pre-op flew out the window.  They sedate you for that procedure.    Since Peggy is recovering from knee replacement, we laughed at the prospect of her driving me home Thursday using her left foot and me full of happy, happy, joy, joy juice and we would probably plummet aka Thelma and Louise style off the 99 connector.  Roy is working on arranging his Thursday schedule to help me out.  Of course his being in the midst of a big project and roll out going live is happening in the same time frame for him but God is in control!

This beautiful morning is calling out to me to come go trekking and I believe I will respond, why yes, I would love to.  I can always to all the pre-dustination before Chris comes this afternoon at breakneck speed.  Then we won't be able to find anything for days. 

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