Saturday, February 23, 2013

Procrastinate to Decorate...Getting Things Off My Plate

Deadlines are wonderful motivators to a procrastinator like me.  The preceding sentence does not include things that I love to do and don't put off.  Say I want to go to the Biltmore, I start making reservations and plans in advance, months in advance.  We are thinking through schedules in the fall/winter for a return trip this year and I am itching to get it reserved and on the books.  Now that we have decided to have hardwoods put in our closet and bedroom, you better believe that I have been spending time in the closet, rearranging, giving away and throwing away stuff.  The transformation of the closet floor has been nothing but miraculous.  Probably the huge nesting thing I have going on doesn't hurt either.  Pictures are being hung, magazines sorted to keep and to recycle, clothes that have been on the dryer forever (because I know once I put some of those clothes up I am going to need an item and will be unable to locate its new storage place, thus it stays on the dryer) are being put up and rearranging the things that I have put off because I had more fun choices to chose from like lunch or dinner with friends. 

I just got back from my ride on the Trek cycle.  That thing is so much fun.  I did four laps around the water feature and ventured out of the neighborhood and rode down to Tom Wilson Elementary and back.  Just riding to and from the elementary school is about a mile and a half.  Came close to having the first mishap on the trek because I took a tight turn and got the wheel of the bike in the edge groove between the grass and the sidewalk.  The thought that came to mind on my morning ride was, what if I am experiencing daisy days.  That is the term Hospice used for the alert and animated days my mom had right before she began the journey of transferring from this world to the next.  No, I don't think I am dying but I think I am so excited about having a normal heart beat again, I am positively giddy. I have felt so good but I think it is more due to hope, proceeding from heart issues to life.  I'm thinking there might be another one of these treks in our future.  Roy saw one a couple of weeks ago that folds up for travel.  He kind of got me interested by saying, we could take it to the Biltmore.  Interesting but the Inn is on a hill.  I favor level ground.  He already had an answer prepared, we can put the trek in the back of Sequisha, drive down to Antler Hill Village and there I could start my ride and when I got back, I could put it right back in the car and drive up to the Inn and valet park.  You know my idea of roughing it is a slow bell boy.   

Roy and I went back to Tony's for lunch today.  So glad that there is one close to us now.  Makes living in East San Antonio worth it.  Then Roy wanted to do a drive by at Fusion which is celebrating their grand opening only thing, they have been open for a while now.  Roy is hoping they changed up their menu but it was too crowded to go in and get a take out menu.  We got ice cream from Mickey D and then drove over to look at the lot a friend bought.  Roy has gone on a ride on his trek and I have been watching the I Love Lucy marathon on the Hallmark Channel.  We have a couple of other projects to tackle this afternoon.  We also stopped by KCM to drop off some bags of clothes and shoes.  I told you I am totally into this nesting thing. 

I am so fortunate to have such great friends in my life.  They are truly gifts from God.  The kindness extended to us this week has been overwhelming and overwhelming in a good way.  Cards, emails and phone calls...I am blessed.  Most importantly, I am grateful for all the prayer being lifted to the Father for me.  Anxiety about giving myself a shot, three people have offered their help or help from someone they know who knows how to give shots.  I have felt anxiety creep in a bit wondering if this week will turn out to be a reschedule and instead of panic, I know peace. 

Well, that table isn't going to move itself and unfortunately it takes two people to move it. Uh, bet you didn't know I was thinking about a table and after re-reading this I would like to clear up the abrupt table change.  I can see the table outside from the study window.  I have a tendency to laugh when moving or rearranging furniture.  Roy cannot wait to move a table from the courtyard to the patio in the backyard with me laughing and going weak walking on uneven grass.  Bet he is hoping I will procrastinate on this one too...


marty h said...

His Likeness warriors are praying for you as are the Harper Clan!

Margaret Feinberg said...

What a blessing to have such steadfast friends, Nancy!