Friday, February 1, 2013


The clouds frame the sun perfectly as the sun rises in Rancho De Five.  Never have been much of a sunrise girl, I am more a sunset type, but this has changed since we came to the prairie.  The past few days the doves have returned to our bird feeder and I feel so guilty that I can't place any seed out for them because of the unwanted vermin lurking about looking for a home.  Last weekend when our neighbor came over to retrieve a football from our yard, Roy told him about the migration because of all the land that is being cleared around us.  Our neighbor, who must be Hindu, said he couldn't kill anything.  Drat that reincarnation belief.  There is a little hole that has been fashioned by cute little bunnies or vermin between our yards and I think Roy is going to fill in the pathway of the underground railroad and then put a board up.  I know, vermin can chew through anything, but it is like having an alarm on your house, hopefully it is a deterrent and you are making it more difficult by adding an extra layer of protection.  Extra layer of protection sounds like a commercial for lotion or sunscreen.  Nor would it be a hedge of protection, cause we got no hedge. 

I think I have seen enough doctors for the week and I have the bruising from blood work to prove it.  My once yearly appointment has now become my every three months appointment to monitor my kidneys, thyroid and something else that I have forgotten because the medicine I am on does major damage to those organs.  It works because it resides in all your tissue and is not eliminated by eliminating.  It takes months for it to leave your system and I have been on it for too long.  It will also make me be accountable in other areas like, you know, weight control.  I have gained weight but under the line of demarcation.  In fact, she didn't even bring it up but I have a feeling we will be talking about it when the blood work comes back.  She has been on the heart journey with me since the beginning.  She is thrilled that we are taking the next course of action because she said if this doesn't get fixed my life and quality of life will be on a fast decline because nothing else can be fixed or heal until my heart gets in order.  Huge spiritual application rushed through my mind when she said that but of course I couldn't think about that or I would miss what she was telling me health-wise.  Drat that ADD.  Then they took a copious amount of blood and I asked if I could weigh in again because I am sure they took like 3 pounds of blood.

A couple of weeks ago when the lawn of the month guy was here he left us a note telling us to turn off our sprinkler system for a month to let the grass rest and for the nut grass to die.  Lord knows we don't need more nut grass in our lives.  It was not a season for watering, it was a season of rest.  That has resonated in my spirit other than the importance of yard care with this season of life.   I don't think I would have ever chosen this heart path but it in it I have learned some valuable truth and though I long for days of stamina and strength I hope never to lose the appreciation I have experienced of being quiet, solitude, silence (I know that is like being quiet, but silence is the background noise, I'm the one who is learning to be quiet) and letting my spirit be restored.  When I left my job due to health reasons, I was feeling pretty low and burnt out.  Who knew that working at a church could turn out to be so hard?  I thought the politics of tennis were difficult...  Somewhere yesterday, I think on a blog but who knows or maybe it was a tweet...anyway this person who I would give credit to if I could remember them wrote; we too often compare ourselves with other people and that's how we become self righteous...Oh John Acuff...Stuff Christians Like blog..  We are to become more like Christ and not look at others and think I am more like Christ than they are because I don't do________.   Drat the funny blog that speaks huge truths into our lives!

Well, the Internet connection in the casita bedroom is not working so Roy ordered a wireless booster or something.  I think he would like to retake ownership of his study and the desk top computer.  It's usually not a problem until, we are both home.  I don't spend as much time as I thought I would out there in the casita, but that is going to change.  I set that room up for my projects and such.  When the man installed the TV out there, we think we cut the Ethernet line.    I was also telling Roy that I don't know that the lap top ever really turns off because as soon as you open it the start menu thing comes up and then you log in.  I love this...he tells me, there is a sleep and a shut down option on the menu.  What!!  Does he think I am hard of seeing?  Of course I know that and know the difference between sleep and shut down.  So in true loving and sweet wife form I kept telling him I am going to shut down i.e. brush my teeth and wash my face and then sleep.  I know he appreciated hearing that about 25 times before we went to bed.  Drat that cut line!

I'm still doing the Wonderstruck challenge, but haven't written about it.  Today's word is Restore.  It fits perfectly with my one word which I have yet to share on the blog, but I will soon.  Yes, everyone is waiting with baited breath for the big reveal.  Which reminds me of our Mission 1:8 at church.  I was telling a friend the other day about this, is it an event, not a program, a ministry...yep I will go with ministry that our church is ramping up, a word I vowed never to use again in 2011 but it is 2013 so guess I am free to use it, that our church is in the early process of the reveal and how exciting it has been.  I don't know but I must have been having a dyslectic day because I found out later I was calling it Mission 8:1.  My friend texted me later and said are you sure it is based on Acts 8:1?  Wouldn't it be Acts 1:8.  Wow, totally my bad...because Acts 8:1 is:

Saul was one of the witnesses, and he agreed completely with the killing of Stephen.
A great wave of persecution began that day, sweeping over the church in Jerusalem; and all the believers except the apostles were scattered through the regions of Judea and Samaria.
Drat the meds that have done a thing with my brain function!  But we did have a good laugh about it.  Wow, my bad. 
Having lunch a little later with Peggy and Kathleen, so I better stop blogging and start the getting ready process.  There ain't no drat when it comes to lunch with friends.

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courtney said...

"baited breath." what is that, exactly? is that when one has eaten seafood that wasn't exactly fresh?