Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Nancy Vespers

The other day someone told me I was looking like I felt good and I did but this person added I bet there are a lot of days you don't feel good.  Bet you are good at putting on a happy face and going through the motions of feeling good.  Yep, she nailed it on the head.  Here of late it is only for a few hours here and there and not like it used to be days upon days of not feeling good.  When my heart races for any extended period of time I find myself weary and exhausted.  It's as if I have been running a marathon and then not cooling down properly because I don't know when the racing is going to stop and when the fast falling heart rate is going to kick in.  I've even tried to map this or look for any kind of consistency that starts this whole thing.  So far, in my non professional opinion, can't find any factors that are conclusive.  Well, except for getting hot.  Not the getting kind of hot that preachers boast about when they refer to their wives...really, can you see the CEO or CFO of a Fortune 500 company giving an investor's report and then refer to their wife as a hot babe?  I know, only in churches.  This morning heat didn't play a factor in my heart episode.  So we stayed home from church and went out to breakfast a little later in the morning.  We came home and I began to do some Bible study and another episode began.  Fast racing heart beat and the oxygenation of my blood dropped significantly.  This last one took several hours to get over.  Although I feel hung over and I cannot confirm nor deny why I would even know about this, I am feeling much better.  I am so ready to get this heart of mine fixed and ready to roll. 

Roy just left me with a legal document that is a million or so pages long while he goes out trekking on his new bike.  It is a living will and medical power of attorney.  I have been putting off having these but the hospital wants me to bring them with me.  Ugh!  At least Roy found some that I can halfway understand and has a little more give and take room.  So if I cough, they won't immediately pull the plug or something.  I have read the first few pages but don't have much of an attention span this afternoon.  Thus, I am blogging.  Doing something that I like to do. 

Yesterday Roy brought home his three wheeler.  I got on it and rode around the cul de sac and it is a lot of fun!  He went around our water feature and can't wait to ride on more trails around the area. 

We went over to some friends last night for dinner.  Delicious!  Homemade gumbo.  Of course that is the way to Roy's heart, good gumbo.  We had a blast laughing and talking and of course eating. 

Years ago our church offered the Boundaries study by Dr's Cloud and Townsend.  Out of all the attendees, I was the only one there because I said no to most things.  Everyone else was there because they said yes to everything, thus they are worn out and with no boundaries.  It was good for me to do that study because I did begin to say yes to some things.  I must have been ahead of my time because so many are preaching and teaching these days about saying no. And I'm not talking about saying no to drugs or premarital sex.   Articles on being more productive comes from more rest, more margin in your lives.   We can live such frantic lives at such a torrid pace that we can't, won't and don't stop.   I have no idea why I just wrote all of the above.  I've certainly slowed down and slowing down was a dictated choice I had to make.  Guess I am thinking about when my energy level returns, will I go right back at being busy, filling time and letting others dictate my schedule.  Probably not, but it is something I have been giving thought to. 

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Margaret Feinberg said...

Nancy, praying for rest for you today!