Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Little Quiet at the Cottage.......

The rooster has stopped crowing, but the sound of a dog barking fills in the space along with the chirping of crickets.  I also hear a lone bird in the distance.  The coo of doves and the caw of a crow lines out the sounds of the country.  There is also a quiet in the cottage.  Nancy and Erin left a little over an hour ago to head back home.  We had so much fun and spent a very fun day at the Biltmore Estate.  Today I plan to stick around the cottage to let my knee have some additional rest.  I woke up with a searing pain in my left knee yesterday, which is my good knee.  I hobbled on it all day and did a lot of resting while Nancy and Erin shopped or saw the sights.  Happy to do so.  The weather was perfect after hearing weather reports predicting an 80% chance of rain.  The high was 79 but it mainly stayed around 74 for most of the day.  While they toured the house, I went to the lagoon to wait.  I got caught up with journaling and did some reading.   On our way back to the cottage we stopped at the grocery store and gas station.  I am so thankful for Nancy and Erin helping me so I wouldn't have to put any more strain than necessary on my knee.  I think all the stairs we did on Thursday and Friday and the slight hill Erin and I had to climb after feeding the goats apples, kind of did me in.  I think it is also a good reminder that the livability home in Waynesville needs to be our choice.  I'd rather be mobile and drive to better views than have a great view and not be able to do anything.

The cows are laying down in the far field and that is a sign that it might rain.  The fog was thick this morning and has cleared around here but the mountains are not visible, only faint outlines of the tallest of peaks.  Sitting here on the back porch these past few days has reminded me of summers spent with my Grandma out in the country.  We would sit on the front porch and rock and all the cars would bring wonderment to my Grandmother of, where are all these people going?  We have driven a lot of the back roads around the cottage with views that stretch for miles, with mobile homes next to million dollar homes.  Ah, the drum line practice has started again.  School beings August 20th up here.   I just checked the Weather app and it looks like 70% chance of rain this afternoon but the good news of a low of 59 makes me very happy.

I am saddened with so many others over the death of Robin Williams.  He is the type of actor you think will always be around.   His improvisational skills were epic!  Although I think my favorite movie of his is Dead Poets Society.   I remember reading something in a Ken Gire book written by a young woman who was quite funny and always laughing.  She lamented that many times no one looks behind the funny and laughter to see there is more to a person than laughter and being able in making the mundane into the spirited and joyful.  Maybe Robin was so manically funny on talk shows because he was so afraid of what was under the mask.  Who knows?  I certainly don't because I really don't know that much about him other than being a fine actor and comedian.  Whenever someone says to me you missed your calling or you should have been a stand up comedienne, I usually answer back, if I did, I would be dead by now.  Besides I am moving in my calling and it doesn't have to be on the large stage of audience life.  It is being faithful in the small things, the little things that God has called each one of us to.

Whew!  Just got a text from Erin that they are outside of Knoxville!  Wonderful because Nancy was heading the wrong direction when she called to confirm her choice of route.   GPS around here works beautifully, but it seems to want to take you on the most scenic but not efficient way.  Scenic is usually good but when you need to be somewhere, it's not.

My friends the cows have moved onto another pasture, so guess I should move on into the rest of the day.  Happy reading my friends!  That's what I am going to do and it has just now started to rain.

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