Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not A Bad Way to Spend a Saturday

Since this is a laid back day, I made brunch.  Like one of our favorite lines from The Simpsons concerning brunch, "It isn't exactly breakfast and it isn't exactly lunch.  You don't get exactly what you want, but you get a good meal with a slice of cantaloupe at the end."  I hate to differ with The Simpsons but today I had exactly what I wanted....scrambled eggs, biscuits and cantaloupe.  OK, I burned the bottom of the biscuits not knowing the oven too well but when life gives you burnt bottoms, haha, you just slice off the burnt and have open faced biscuits.  They were quite good!  My friends the cows went on without me this morning but that's ok, they are dining in left field where I can't see them.

So I am so non tech but I had my first experience with Face Time this morning and I am even happier it was with Erin.  She and Nancy gave me a tour of Erin's new apartment at school.  It is so cute and if Erin ever misses her desk, she better not come around trying to find it with me....just could be at Dena's.  She asked about it the other day because she loves it too.  Of course I am not happy my first Face Time came with messy, need to wash hair, and jammies.  Oh, that was me, Erin looked beautiful!  Today became a baseball cap kind of day because I don't plan on going anywhere.

The laundry is happening and now I need to do some cleaning and vacuuming.  I also need to organize my books.  Funny, I have accumulated so many more books and I haven't even been to Malaprop's yet.  Note to self, find a home that has plenty of space for bookcases.  I'm in the midst of a book written in the 60's that is touted as the next To Kill a Mockingbird.  Ah, no but it is a good story.

I would say that my adventures and encounters around here have been pretty much minivan free.  More trucks, convertibles and SUVs.   That is until yesterday.  As I was exciting I 40 onto a main road, the minivan in the lane did not extend the courtesy that most drivers extend by moving over to the left lane.  In fact, they sped up so I did what I do best, sped up more and cut in front of them...then I slowed down to normal minivan speed.  They began the whole I'm getting in front of you kind of thing, which impressed me because most minivans are being driven like a bus and I also knew in a 1/4 of a mile I would be exciting.  Wouldn't you know it on the back of that minivan, besides all the stick figures, was a grocery store scooter.  My second arch nemesis and the third thing that made the trifecta?  The minivan had Texas plates.  Oh yes, that explains so much.   (no minivans were hurt in the telling of this story)

Last Sunday when Nancy, Erin and I went to Waynesville, GiGi, Google Girl, took us down a back road.  While it was beautiful and scenic, I wondered why she didn't choose taking the freeway?  Surely that would be much faster than a two lane road.   When I went back on Wednesday once again GiGi directed me to that back road but this time I slowed down, a decision not too popular with the natives of the area, and really took it all in.  For Sale signs dotted the landscape along the side of the road and that is when I concluded that maybe I should check the area out on my iPad.  And so I have spent the rest of the weekday afternoons exploring that area.  I think the experience is also significant in that I think this time away, in the cool is just like my off the freeway experience.  Even the other night while I drove around waiting for my pizza I pulled into a gathering of homes.  On Friday I found myself right back in that neighborhood checking out homes for sale in the area.  Really, how they say they have a mountain view is just beyond understanding.  It is  good to slow down and take it in.  God certainly has a wonderful sense of using these opportunities to remind me that distractions are just exactly that.  Right now I am keeping my eye on a big is kind of distracting.  Yet, I do not want to be bitten by a spider that sat down beside her.  Oh, this is on the back porch, not in the house.  I keep moving a chair for it to sense the vibrations and stay in one place.  I am telling myself that it works or maybe I should just go get some hairspray, my be all end all bug killer when I can't find the real deal.  But I am not flexible enough to make a fast getaway if that thing came close to me.    I need wasp spray that shoot over 12 feet.   I think it really doesn't want to be on the porch, it came up under the screen and it sits looking through the screen at the web filled with newly caught prey on the outside.

The day is wrapping up to being restorative.  And not only restorative but productive.  Laundry and vacuuming...I have a couple more chores to do but they may carry over to Sunday.   I am almost finished with my 1960 something book.  It's a good story but the author is dragging it out too much.

Tomorrow I am going to church.  It's a bigger type of church and the signs look like it will be good, they have a website and they know who Beth Moore is.  Not partaking in Sunday School...Roy laughed and said, nothing has changed from what you usually do but oh my friends there is a difference.  We go to brunch at home, here I will get to sleep later before going 8 minutes to church.

After church I am heading back to look at a home one more time before giving the MLS number to Brian.  I think we might have 3-4 houses to see.  I am kind of hoping one in particular works out....but we will see.

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