Sunday, August 24, 2014

Evening Breezes and Feeling Fine

It dawned on me this afternoon that I have less than two weeks here in God's country.  I wish I could describe the patterns that the sun in creating on the distant mountains.  I've not seen that before.  We are expecting a low of 54 tonight and cooler days going into the first of the week.  This evening I can feel that tinge in the breeze.  The goats are crying out for me to go down to the fence and feed them some apples but I am content to sit here on the back porch, listening to the leaves as they move with the wind.  The cows have been in the far field for most of the day and the ducks have settled in on the pond.  It is a lovely evening.

This morning I went to Newfound Baptist Church again.  Saw familiar faces of people I spoke with last week.  Even saw Beth Moore, well via video but she did make me feel welcomed.  A group of ladies from the church are going to the simulcast event in September and they wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.  Even as I was going out the door afterwards, a woman called out my name and invited me to the ladies Sunday School class next week.  I nearly cried at that kindness and then explained that Roy will be here next week.  She then told me where the couples class meets.  While in line at the KFC, more on that story in a minute, a gentleman from church called and thanked me for visiting.   Part II of Genesis 14 was great and the choir number was wonderful.

So, after church I went to the Shell station in Weaverville to fill up.  Shell must have the same monopoly here as they have in Rancho De Five.  Anyway, fried chicken sounded good for a Sunday lunch, so I started out for the KFC.  Now here's the thing, I am using Google Girl less and less but sometimes in Weaverville I get a little confused about several of the highways because they feel counter intuitive to the direction I need to go.  So I grabbed Google Girl to get she takes me down this street and says turn left and your destination is on the left.  The colors of the building were red and white...the very same colors of KFC.  So, I pulled in and waited my turn at the drive through.  Some fast food places give you a little time to read the menu while you are in line but it was not the case, so I ordered chicken legs, biscuits and slaw....just then noticing all the roast beef offerings.  The girl asked me to repeat my order, give me some legs, biscuits and slaw...she asked me did I want the chicken sandwich...uh no...legs, biscuits...slaw...  She told me they didn't have any and they didn't serve biscuits, to which my response was something ran out of your main stock of chicken?   You ran out of biscuits and that is when she told me I was at Arby's and KFC was next door.  Uh, oh, well, sorry to take your time.  I was laughing so hard!  I totally embarrassed myself.   So off a little weaker and a little more humbly I approached KFC and got my legs, biscuits and slaw.   Siri probably put Google Girl up to that because yesterday Siri told me she was having a problem communicating with me.  I was asking her to discontinue the instructions to the DQ because she was going to take me 25 minutes into Asheville for a Blizzard.  I called upon Google Girl and they were both talking to me at the same time.  Google Girl won.....   That's when Siri gave me the what for.  Siri has gotten me lost so many times...she even used my name when she spoke to me.  Wow, that was kind of disturbing.

We've been given the opportunity to purchase a home that is not on the market yet.  It is totally different from the houses we have been looking at but I think there is much more livability outdoors.  It is a 60's ranch style home with major upgrades.  All brick with little trim to paint. Beautiful hardwood floors and a full unfinished basement with a wood stove as backup for heating the house if the power goes out.  Because it is a 1960's home, the bedrooms are a little smaller and so are the bathrooms.  And I love the ceramic 1960 tile in the bathrooms.  I know every designer just shuddered.  The kitchen, dining, and family room are very spacious with a gas fireplace in the family room and a huge picture window on the front of the house.  There is also an elevated covered side porch that can be enclosed easily.  The views are long range mountain and views overlooking the farm I am currently staying at.  It is 2 1/2 acres of level back and front yard with a ravine or as they are called here, gullies, and a forest behind us on the rest of the land.  The backyard is quiet and private and would be a perfect place for a gazebo or a firepit or swings or even all three.  The front has a huge flowerbed and to the side of the driveway is a perfect spot for a garden if we decided to plant one.  As Roy and I discussed this home over the phone, Mr Plan Man began to determine a four year plan to do everything else we would like to do to the house.   I am sure by now it is safely put away on an Excel spreadsheet.  A 1960's ranch home is not a wow home like I put on FB but I am telling you there are a whole lot more positives than negatives for loving and owning this home.  It used to be a part of the Sluder farm and cousins of the owner lived in the home.   When Roy gets here, we will go back over to the house and determine then if it is a go.  There wouldn't be a rush and anxiety to close a deal since no one knows about the home and we will be living by kind people who have become fast friends.

I'm thinking that tomorrow is feeling like a Biltmore kind of day for breakfast.  Then a quick look see through some shops and then back over to the antique warehouse since the temps will be much cooler than when I was there before.  Got to make the most of this last week here by myself because when Roy gets here, he wants to meet with our mortgage banker and do a few other official kind of things, then go back to some places where he loves to take pictures.  I am going to miss this place but I will be happy to get back to friends and let me not forget Buddy.

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