Saturday, August 16, 2014

Be Bery Bery Quiet, I'm House Hunting

This morning the message on my phone informed me I hadn't backed up to the cloud in over two weeks.   Never seen that message but maybe its because I haven't been using WiFi on my phone.  So hopefully now as it is in it safe passcode locked postion it will back up to the cloud.  Funny, several years ago if we told anyone we were backing up to the cloud, they would think we were a bit crazy.

I am writing to you this morning from the den.  The fog has burned off early today but that might be flawed judgement because I slept in today.  It felt like the Saturday morning kind of thing to do in the mountains.  I think Saturdays will be my hardest days up here...really no day is hard when it is cool and beautiful, but it is difficult because it is Saturday.  During the week at home Roy has limited time in the evenings to get everything he needs to do, done but the weekends are where we get to spend time together.   Knowing that in the back of my mind is probably why this day will be hardest.  We talked for a long time on the phone last night.  That is always welcomed, ok except when I am following directions from GiGi, that's what I call the voice of Google Maps, and need to make a critical turn in the next few minutes.  Then I call him back.

Yesterday was a full afternoon of driving by houses on the market and deciding whether they are worth going to see with Brian.  I nixed about three houses from the list.  There should be a definition of mountain view up here, that's all I'm saying.  One house is way up in the mountains, thus the beautiful view, but it is the only house for several the list.  The ones that remain on the list I am really pleased with their outside appearance, ease of driveway and level entrance to the home.  All these homes need is a great interior and in Toddlers and Tiaras lingo, those homes will be the complete and total package.   One home I drove by is with a grouping of several houses, close yet distant enough.  Since addresses are difficult here to find on the houses, I didn't drive far enough to see the house we are interested in.  The first home on the road had a For Sale sign in it and it kind of looked like the home I was driving by but the driveway was killer.  It gave me the shivers imagining driving down or backing down that driveway, making one little mistake and crashing down into the crevice about backing up the cloud and into glory....but once I returned to the cottage and looked at Zillow and Google Earth I discovered that home is $500,000...oh Nellie, and not the correct one.  I'm also happy that the driveway on the correct house does not look as steep as the other house.  There about ten homes surrounded by tomato fields.  There was a big truck parked on the side of the road filled to almost overflowing of tomatoes.  In that moment I totally could see myself like Julie Andrews in the money shot from Sound of Music, twirling and smiling and singing, 'the fields are alive with the fragrance  of tomatoes...ahahahahah......

The second house I went by has a few homes around it and has corn fields to the side of it.  It has a quaint and charming look surrounded by trees covering the front porch.  I also drove back over to the 209 area of rolling fields and long distant mountain views.  That is where one house is still in contention on our list but we had missed another home near by.  It might be visit worthy.  I also drove by a home we liked so much, as much as you can like a home from the Internet, very cute, great view...bad location.  Clyde is rather Clyde-ish.  Difficult to get to house and the road going there is trailer house row....This home has been off the list but I just wanted to make sure we had made a wise decision.  We did.  But the house is much cuter in person...  This is the third house we have looked at where someone has built and won't get the monetary value out of the home.

The location of these homes are perfect.  Not too far from Waynesville, not too far from Asheville and not too far from Weaverville.  I 40 is very accessible without having to go through Asheville and their growing traffic.  The area is still farm-centric, with that long ago feel of churches with dinner on the grounds and homecomings.  I like that feel but don't think we would want to step back into the early 20th century to go to church.  Most churches here have cemeteries off to the side but no websites to check out the church.

There is still more I want to write but I will end this post right here.  Kind to you and your attention span, but more so for me to go get another cup of coffee.  Who knows, with my ADD, it might not be until this afternoon when I realize I totally hadn't finished my post.

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