Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cadilac and Cruela in the Ville

There is a severe thunderstorm watch north of us a little bit, mainly affecting Marshall, Mars Hill and Burnsville.  The thunder is rumbling and letting itself be known but so far not any rain.  This has also been the hottest day since I've been here, 89 degrees.  I have felt every degree of it believe me since I have been out and about for most of the day.  I picked Hendersonville to be my ville destination but it was a bit frustrating because there wasn't parking availa-ville.  I finally found a spot near the end of historic downtown district but it was mainly places to eat.  I did go into the historic courthouse where several would be host and hostesses tried to usher me into the free museum and watch a 25 minute film on Hendersonville.  Actually, I went in there to see if I could find a restroom but it seems you have to do the whole museum thing before you finally reach the destination you would have liked to arrive at much sooner than later.  Knowing that, I took my chances and decided I would try further down the road.  Before leaving Hendersonville, I tried several times to find a parking place but it just wasn't meant to be.  I did find the post office which was helpful because I had several things to get into the mail.  So Gigi, Google Girl, took me the back way over to Flat Rock and then she kind of went nuts on directions.  This has happened before, Google Girl doesn't know that some entrances are really not entrances for the general public.  She did this to me once before trying to take me in the back way through Biltmore Forest to go back to the Inn.  Finally after some scary moments of trying to turn around, I came back and found the correct entrance.  I really wanted to go see Carl Sanburg's home.  All the pictures of it are so beautiful.  It doesn't seem quite fair to feel so good and my "good" knee hurting so bad.  I was going to give it a good try that is until I saw the sign, 'snakes live here.'  So long Carl!  Thanks for letting me use your facilities.  As I drove around Flat Rock and made a few stops here and there, I noticed the heat becoming more like home.  So I left Flat Rockville, no it is just Flat Rock, and headed over to South Asheville.  It's the happening place.  I only wanted to run into Barnes and Noble for a second to see if they have the magazine I have been looking for and YES, they had it!  I perused the shelves and then checked out.  Feeling famished, I decided against the trendy spots right there and headed over to The Moose Cafe for some veggies.  Delicious!  Then I headed north now on a much more familiar way to me now.

Man, you cannot drive and take it all in on these back roads.  I try to steal a glimpse now and then but it is difficult to do.  I am so glad we decided we didn't want to live in the immediate Asheville area because the traffic is so much more than what we would want to deal with.  Most of the roads around here were not designed for this amount of cars and the city is struggling, trying to find money and ways to relieve the congestion.  Driving around Hendersonville was like being in the Galleria on single lane roads.

Tomorrow Brian will be here at 9:30 and we will again be on the hunt for a house.  I am ready to make a decision and start the process.

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