Friday, August 15, 2014

Thursday-Foggy and Cool

This particular Thursday is the foggiest morning so far.  I'm glad I decided last night not to go into Asheville early but to do the literary trail that is Marshall to Mars Hill to Weaverville.  O. Henry was from NC and only wrote two stories about his homeland.  A little literary trivia for your day.

Each morning the drum line gets better and better in their morning practice.  The cows are eating close by and the road hums with cars and trucks on their way to....wherever.  I am happy not to be driving in this misty gray fog and over in the eastern sky the sun is trying to break through.  I have a feeling the sun is going to win this one.

The sun won and it was a beautiful, cool mountain air day.  I got a little bit later of a start which was fine because I was doing some real estate research, then I got distracted by a book that has my attention and then it is hard to pull away from the back porch and go on about the day.  I left around noon and did a drive by of several houses out in this area.  The last one has a Weaverville address but with all the winding and twisting roads and the feeling of nothing is very close by when I came upon the street the house is on...let's just say I punted at that point because the gravel road was so steep  I decided to get on to the nerd portion of my day.   I went on to Mars Hill and Marshall.  At the beginning of our search those two were in the running but just like my attention span, looking for a home has been all over the grid.  I started wanting something in Burnsville and Bakersville but I knew I didn't want a home in the south Asheville/Arden area.  Thank you I have enough traffic out in Rancho De Five, don't need that kind of traffic here.  I stopped at the visitor center for Madison County and had a great conversation with the chamber of commerce lady.   Then I stopped in at the Mars Hill College bookstore and bought a sweatshirt.  For a brief moment I felt like I had stepped back in time because the charges were being handled in the old fashioned way and the orders were being hand written.  Wow, it was reminding me of college days, way back when but they soon told me that someone had loaded a new program on the computer and it brought the whole thing down.  Thus the old fashioned way.  I paid cash, but she still had to write out what I bought.  I also got their last box of Hello Kitty Jellybeans.  They must have some kind of tie with Hello Kitty because several of the t-shirts had that likeness on them.  I drove around a little more and then headed back toward Weaverville.  I had called my orthopedic office this morning to see if they could call in my prescriptions that needed to be refilled and then I could pick them up at a CVS here.  The nurse called me back and said it had been taken care of.  She told me to take some Advil for the swelling.  So far it is helping.  Then I drove out to downtown Weaverville and shopped at a few stores.  While I still had time I went to the Vance Birthplace.  Beautiful, but of course I didn't go in the visitor center but I think he was a governor of North Carolina at some point.

It was feeling like a pizza kind of night, so I ordered gas station pizza and it was good.  I got all veggie this time.  When I went to get it, the guy told me they had gotten busy and he needed another fifteen minutes to bake it.  So, I drove around some of the back roads and marveled once again at the beauty of my Father's World.  I saw geese on the side of the road, majestic horses and even a few longhorns mixed in with the other cattle.  I don't think these views could ever get old.  The thought came to me while I was out and about today, as much as I love staying at The Inn on the Biltmore Estate, I have loved this time so far even more.   OK my toast at breakfast can't hold a candle to the buffet breakfast but you get my drift.

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