Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday in the Country

It is 4:30 in the afternoon and I just got back to the cottage.  The day has been full and ever so much enjoyable.  I went to Newfound Baptist Church this morning.  The people friendly, the pastor/choir director preached a good sermon and he led the choir singing Shoutin' Time in Heaven...I love that song!  Music was well mixed and from the looks of it everyone was enjoying themselves worshipping the Lord.   It has a little old school feel but not in a bad way.  In fact, it just felt old school a bit because of high tech at First Baptist.  The pastor is teaching a series of Jesus in Genesis and we were in Genesis 14 today.  Since we studied Genesis this past year in CBS, I was excited to revisit good ol' Mel.  The sermon turned into a two parter, so I will go back next Sunday.  It has been a while since I've heard a pastor who really pastors and not a pastor who is more like the CEO.  In a small church setting, the CEO structure really doesn't work and I know in a big church you have to lean more toward CEO structure to keep the church on course.  I loved that he gave the baptism certificates out to those who had been baptized in the last few weeks, right before the sermon.  In fact he handled it really well a couple, who have been living together...were saved and baptized and the pastor added when they get married which is going to be soon, they can join the church.  They are doing a fund raiser, had a hot dog lunch after church and tonight a softball game between the senior adults and the youth trying to raise money for their new bus.  I should have gone to the  hot dog lunch.

After church I did another drive by of a house we are interested in.  On Friday I went to the wrong house.  Today I found it and love that the driveway is not steep but rolling.  Roy wanted me to check the timber line and if anything could possibly be built next to the house.  If another house was built it would be on the higher part of the land and not effect the view.  Of course this is based on my professional view...

My lunch was cheese/peanut butter crackers.  I drove around on back roads, stopped at the fruit stand and then headed over to the antique stores on Swannanoa Ave.  I picked up peaches and tomatoes and an apple turnover...also got a homemade peach slushy.  Wow!  And I just had the turnover and it was delicious!  The antique district is really fun and lots of interesting items.  Really great furniture and it took everything within me not to purchase a few things...big things....  I was prepared if I found the right one, to purchase a desk.  I only made it to two of the many shops.  It was getting rather warm in those warehouses and kind of crowded.  I am going to go back during the week when it is less crowded.  I was very encouraged that I didn't need to use Google Girl, GiGi, a whole lot today.  Some of the roads are becoming very familiar to me.

Hopefully the morning will not be too foggy because I'd like to go to downtown Asheville.  Today would have been the perfect day but you know...I went to church.  I am even thinking of going to Sunday School next week.

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