Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day on the farm, in the country and I am as stuffed as a tick on a dog.  Tomorrow the cooler temps return for several days although what some consider a scorcher here is called spring at home.   Yesterday afternoon the cottage was feeling a little warm and when I checked the thermostat it confirmed what I was feeling.  So, I reluctantly called Bill next door and ruined his perfectly good Friday night.  He came over and did all he knew to do and nothing worked.  He called and left a message with his A/C guy.  Bill and Vivian were so concerned for me and invited me to stay at their home for the evening, but the sun was going down, the heat was becoming a distant memory and the evening breeze did its healing work.  I opted to stay here and open up some windows.  I slept like a baby.  This morning the A/C guys were here around 10:00 and I left to visit with Vivian and then went on looking at houses by doing a drive by.  I have a list to send to Brian.

What was funny is, Roy has now become interested in the hunt and he is looking on and Zillow now, only I have been looking since April.  He has sent me a few suggestions and I pretty much know the houses he is talking about without even looking at them and knowing I have rejected them earlier in the search.  Today as I am driving around and needing Google Girl to tell me where to go, Roy is on the phone with me looking at the computer so we can discuss what I am driving by.  Sounded good in theory and in reality it did not work.  We got to laughing so hard because by the time he found the house, I was already on looking at the next one.  Then he would talk over Google Girl and I would miss the directions.  He did stump me though on one particular house.  So, I pulled over to a Methodist Church parking lot and Googled the address.  One quick look at the picture of the house...I was so quickly on the phone back with Roy questioning his sanity.  He wouldn't stop laughing, so I had to do it....I hung up on him until he could contain himself.  Quite by accident I went by one home that had our attention and again I will say, someone should tell people what a definition of a mountain view consists of.  First, you need to be able to see a mountain in your view.  This home is one of the higher priced ones in our price range and although it is on a trendy big home street, it is in a don't see no mountain.  There ain't no mountain high enough to see a view.  Or maybe these people are of great faith and told the mountain to move, it did and the house found itself situated in the hollow of the land.

After enjoying a lovely drive, I headed back toward Weaverville and did a drive by the Reem Creek area.  I had the southern gospel Sirius station on.  The song was It Is Just Another Sunday at Mount View Missionary Baptist Church and at the same time I was turning around in a church parking lot of a church with that exact name.  I wonder....

After a brief stop in Weaverville, I headed over to a Mexican food place..It has been since August 3rd that I have had Mexican.  Chips and salsa never tasted so good.  When in doubt go with fajitas and they were really tasty.  Nothing tops off a late lunch of Mexican food like a Blizzard from DQ.  Yep, I'm set for the evening.

Before the sun began its journey behind the mountains, I was feeling like I could go to bed.  So tired but I stayed awake till the decent time of dark I stayed away till 10:00 and quickly slumbered off to nite nite land.  This morning I will get ready for church and this afternoon I am looking at a house that is not on the market yet.  And I awoke to the good news of the Texans win.

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