Friday, August 22, 2014

Offering and Easing

My early morning dining companions are back, even the young cows are up here.  Their eating is interrupted with intermittent play and a wanting a bit of mother's milk to get the day started.  Cows must know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day...well actually after observing cows these past few weeks, it is constantly meal time.  One meal just dissolves into another....just their locations change.

This morning is peaceful in many ways.  We are putting in an offer on a house today and last evening we were talking with a mortgage broker and coming up with our best offer to the sellers since there are several others putting in an offer on the house.  No matter which direction the decision goes, we know God is in control.  If we don't get this house, there must be something better out there that He knows about but we don't.  We learned this lesson when we bought and built our home in Rancho De Five.  Unless The Lord builds or finds the house.....  I knew when the sellers lowered the price on Tuesday that traffic would increase for them.  One of the owners is a real estate agent in the area and she knows how to decorate and then stage a home.

Yesterday, Brian met me here at the cottage and we went out looking at three homes and then the revisit.  One of the homes that I thought would be a huge hit was a minor disappointment.  The view spectacular but the floor plan wasn't that good for what we need.  One home we visited clearly had lots and lots of storage and space, but there would be a lot of work with ridding the home of the popcorn ceiling, the nautical theme and the general look of the 90's.  It was also in a beautiful setting but surrounded by corn fields.  Not going to lie, but the thought of vermin wanting to eat in the corn field and then select a comfortable night in the home, did not go over well with me.  It was then lots of storage in my mind became lots of hiding places for vermin.   I really liked the home that is near the cottage but all the bedrooms are upstairs.  Great view and landscaping.  If this other home falls through, when Roy is here we will go back to the house nearby and see what he thinks.

This experience is reminiscent of our Rancho De Five experience...I never thought in a million years that yesterday, by the end of the day, we would be preparing an offer.

Brain and I stopped at Barber's on our way back to the cottage.  Great fruit stand and bakery.  My friends/neighbors/landlords for the month, are so welcoming and gracious.  So I got them some apple turnovers.  Vivian had knee replacement surgery the second week I was here.  She is doing very well. Oh my goodness, their view of the family farm and long range mountains is unbelievable!  Vivian and I visited like we were lifelong friends and I do believe we have formed the makings of a wonderful friendship.  She gave me a cookbook that the Women's Ministry did at their church.  Recipes that are generations old.  I can't wait to try some of them out on CBS Brunch Days.  Newfound Baptist Church is the oldest Baptist Church in the area, with great history but I think an even better future.  I'm looking forward to going back on Sunday.

The fog is burning off, the cows have moved on into left field...I've had breakfast and coffee, so guess I will be moving on into the day as well.  Sticking close today, only going into Weaverville to drop shirts off at the dry cleaners and maybe find a mani/pedi place.  It's not like Rancho De Five where there is a dry cleaner and nail salon on every corner.

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