Monday, August 25, 2014

God's Kindness

I know I am having mountain know how you can get movie emotions or church emotions.  Oh yes, and funeral emotions.  You make those vows to yourself or loudly to others that you are going to change, things are going to be different and life comes around and after a few days to a few weeks, life goes back as it was before making a declaration.  I must admit life is much simpler up here.  Gas station pizza that rivals any pizza I've ever had and a pace that is a bit slower except when someone is racing up and down the road.  Since I've been here I have turned on the TV zero times.  Now, I have watched a little bit of the Texans and House Hunters on my iPad but I get all the news on Twitter.  This evening I sat outside on the back porch and watched the clouds move and form a perfect covering for the mountains in the distance.  There wasn't a light on in the cottage when I came back in and it was pretty gosh darn dark in here.  Sometimes when we find ourselves in beautiful scenes we think we will hear God a little clearer but I think it is more that we begin to experience His kindness thus express thanksgiving for His creation and goodness.  I am really blown over by the kindness of God on this trip.  I think the shyest person at church was the first to speak to me last week and she came back over again today and we got to visit just a little.  A kindness of God.  Driving these back roads and watching the birds and the cows and horses and donkeys play and eat....I am reminded of the kindness of God.  Surely there is territorial feelings here and there.  I know people get mad and cut one another off in traffic but it is difficult to stay upset because in the same view of a little bitty car is the majestic mountains and clouds...there too is the kindness of God.

We talk of love and joy, yes even peace but rarely do we express anything about God's kindness.  Sure we talk about compassion's new every morning...but most of the time in our work or play while we are in the familiar with demands and dislikes, we rarely stop to know or be used in God's kindness to others.  We act and react out of insecurity.  There is mistrust and unrevealed agitation and secrecy toward people but what about kindness?

Many have asked do you know anyone up there?  No.  Do you have family there?  No, just in Tenn.  It's going to take a long time to meet anyone...maybe, maybe not.  God is funny like that and He has already shown great kindness to me with new friends.  His kindness has saturated Sunday mornings here.  I thought I would probably go to three different churches while here, but in His kindness, I have only visited one.

It is now early Monday evening.  The kindness of God has been all over the day.  There wasn't a bit of fog this morning, so I got ready and headed over to the Inn for breakfast.  It takes about 25 minutes from here to there.  Scrumptious was there and I got two really big hugs from him this morning.  He is getting ready to go home to Romania for a month in September, so as always it is so good to see him.  I also spotted my first A&M fans from Texas.  I talked to the two ladies while the husbands checked in.  They had Texas personalized A&M license plates.  Their first time staying at the Inn, so I answered questions and helped them make plans for the day, since they are only spending one night and then heading into Charleston.  Edward and Erin were both there today at The Dining Room.  Edward had been on vacation when Erin, Nancy and I went.  Usually Erin (Biltmore Erin) is off on Mondays but she was filling in for a co-worker today.  Had a delicious breakfast and got to try the Appalachian biscuits and the new juice smoothie the chef is offering.  Who knew that spinach, carrots, mango and something else could taste so good and be so refreshing.   The sunflowers are blooming on the estate and I took some time to take a few pics and walk the path in front of them.  Very refreshing to do when it is 66 degrees outside.  Then I drove over to the gardens and strolled through them and ended my garden time...where truly I did come to the garden alone, but there wasn't any dew on the roses....because it was like noon.  Anyway, I ended my garden time with a delicious DC in the shade in front of the greenhouses.  Originally, the plan was to go back to the antique warehouse district but I thought it might be a good time to try to go to Mast General Store in Asheville.  Three times around looking for a parking place, where I didn't have to parallel park.  I wasn't blowing a trumpet or anything but on that third time around, a parking place open in the customer parking lot for Mast behind the store.  Kindness of God!  I had $50.00 in gift cards that I wanted to use before we leave next week.  Mission accomplished!  Once again Google Girl chose a back way to the cottage and the scenery breathtaking!  The little glimpses I got here and there.

The cows have gone home back to the barn.  A man's voice carried throughout our little valley and at first I thought it might be just some kids playing around, but it was the owner calling the cows home and fifteen out of the seventeen obeyed quickly, there were two  lolly gaggers who waited until they absolutely had to go.  Such rebellious cows!  

Now to go taste and see...peaches....for dessert after a delicious dinner of crackers and cheese.  Also, I have one cat head sized biscuit to eat this evening.  For sure God's kindness!

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