Thursday, August 14, 2014

Postlude to Wednesday

The evening is growing into night.  The cows are beginning to go back to the barn and the little goats are bleating ever so pitifully because their owners just came home and they run to the fence to welcome them home.  Probably it is more like the goats are looking for some apple treats but I'd like to think there is a bit of kindness in their hearts.  It has been a full day and I believe I will sleep well tonight.  I slept well last night once I assuaged my fears with God's Word.  Last Wednesday Vivian, owns the cottage, said to me you are as safe as you are in your daddy's arms.  Uh, well...that really wasn't too comforting considering my father, so I chose to believe she said your mother's arms.  There....yes, that did it.  One goat in particular has such a mournful cry, it is painful to listen to because it almost sounds human.

The evening has now transformed into the firefly and cricket portion of the program.  We had such wonderful weather, please do not shoot me, but the high was 75 today and this morning I needed a sweatshirt as I sat out on the back porch reading my Bible and eating breakfast.  With all the clouds of late I have not been able to see the stars but I know at some point I will get to experience seeing the multitude of God's handiwork.

This morning I gathered my Literary Trail book and a smaller book to read at lunch.  I began the trail which deposited me back to Waynesville.  Today was part nerdiness and part fact finding.   I found the grocery stores, nail salon, and dry cleaners.  Also on the top of the list was to visit the local bookstores, well at least two of them.  The Blue Ridge Bookstore is well stocked and had lots of regional authors to choose from.  Fred Chappell is there on the 24th and I am tempted to go back for his readings.  I have several of his books through the LSU Voices of the South series.  I picked up a few books, didn't stay for coffee although the fragrance was divine.  The next bookstore was the Wall Street Store...not that Wall Street.  It is a used bookstore with a friendly hippy who owns it and is quite the knowledgeable one for southern authors.   We chatted a bit about authors and it was so enjoyable.  Then I made a trip over to Haywood Ave and the little niche of shops that are fun to go through.  Antiques, girly fun shop with all kinds of interesting things, a soap and lotion specialty shop, an old time pharmacy and my favorite, the gun and glock store.   I didn't go to gun and glock.  I  did a quick drive through Maggie Valley and headed back in toward Asheville.  I hadn't eaten lunch so  you guessed it....The Moose Cafe.  Then I made a quick trip to Target.  Along the way on the back roads to Waynesville, I decided to get a point and shoot camera to take extra pictures.  My phone has way too many as it is.  The man there at the Target was so helpful and knowledgeable.   And then I began the rather traffic free jaunt back to the cottage.

On the Interstate this morning, the scene along the side of the road was straight out of Cool Hand Luke.   Prisoners were cleaning up litter and cutting back weeds and kudzu.  The guards watched over them with rather scary looking rifles.  I took the back way to Waynesville, this being my second time driving on the scenic road and the thought came to me as the For Sale signs scattered here and there  became numerous, maybe I should see if Brian will go out with me to some of these houses.  When I came in this evening, the first thing I did was hit Zillow and  There are a few worth looking at in our price range and for two of the homes I am suspending my rule of no crawl spaces.  The views and rolling countryside are just so beautiful.  Surely there is a house like the one we like with a much better view, so that is my goal for next week.  I am trying to rest my knee because it is so painful when I move it to the side.  Lots of stairs wouldn't be my choice right now.

Roy and Buddy are bonding.  Both seem to miss me quite a bit.  Truthfully, I miss them too but then I get out and about...and wrapped up in all the cool temps and beautiful sights, that I don't start missing them till I come back to the cottage.  I have been texting and talking to Roy quite a bit as I have found out various interesting facts.  Today, Diana told me about the weather and who gets their roads cleared first.  We also discussed where we have been looking and although she understands the practical of the one house, she was encouraging me to get that knee replacement and live close to the Iron Duff region off of route 209.  I also found out that there are too many bike rallies in Maggie Valley.  Granted it is retired lawyers and accountants not biker gangs but still I don't think our little Treks would hold up to a motorcycle.

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